Emotional Rollercoaster

This season has been heart-wrenching to say the least.  Being that I live in Pittsburgh I get to watch very few Bills games...besides the one game a year I travel to Orchard Park to take in first hand.  This was my second game of the season that I got to watch...the first one was when I was at Heinz Field.  The Bills seriously looked like 2 totally different teams in those games.  I was very impressed with Edwards last night.  Granted he made some rookie mistakes, he also made several veteran plays to keep the team alive.  I'm still kindof up in the air on whom the QB should be so I'll let the coaching staff make that decision and ride with it.

I'm probably going to bounce around on several topics but I'll try and keep it as organized as possible...

OFFENSE:  The O-Line didn't do too bad picking up the blitzes and other things the Cowboys threw at them.  Edwards had poise, he calm in the pocket, and stood tall and strong to make some impressive throws.  J.P. did everything the total opposite against the Steelers.  He was jittery, paniced on a consistent basis, and he left his receivers out to dry with his high passes.  Lynch is pretty consistent for a rookie and with time I feel he will be dominant in this league, but again, he's a rookie.  Roscoe and Reed continue to impress me this season.  They take short routes and turn them into big plays, they're not selfish, and do what it takes to help the team...I admire that.  But with a young play caller at the helm, 3 points is never going to win a game and we saw that last night.  Overall the offense made some very nice plays but we needed more production out of them to get us a win.

DEFENSE:  Outstanding is the first thing that comes to mind in regards to last nights game.  They came into it with a game plan and did a pretty good job of sticking to it.  They shut down the run and made Romo beat us through the air...which he did at times and not at others.  For the second straight week our "young and injury riddled" defense shut down 2 of the leagues premier backs!  Our front 7 is really stepping up lately and I don't see that changing when McGahee comes to town in 2 weeks...WHICH I'LL BE ATTENDING!  Unfortunately our 3rd string CB and FS can only fight for so long.  Mad props goes to Greer for his play on the 2 point conversion...he has an awesome number as you can tell from my name!  I'm still waiting to see more big plays out of Whitner.  Granted he can lay the wood and is awesome against the run...he needs to make more game changing plays in the passing game to become an elite safety.  I truely belive if the defense wasn't on the field for the ENTIRE 3rd quarter that we would have come away with the win.  Such a young and injured defense can't be on the field that long.  I believe that's one of the reasons they were unable to get a pass rush going in the second half.  Overall I was quite pleased with their play.  I'm very encouraged buy their guts and determination!  I see good things coming with this group!

SPECIAL TEAMS:  Everyone made such a big deal when the Bills released Mike Schneck but it's like we haven't missed a beat.  Moorman was amazing and I love to see him excecute trick plays!  I would consider him a dual threat!  His punts are consistent and gave a huge advantage in the battle for field possession.  McGee obviously was a stud last night and Roscoe didn't have any opportunities.  The one problem I've always had with our special teams unit is Lindell.  Is it just me or does it seem like every time Lindell misses a FG that we end up losing the game by 3 points or less???  The Colts game last year and the Broncos/Cowboys games this year...I would say my previous statement has some evidence to back it up!  In all honesty I really think Lindell needs to go at the end of the year.  He's too inconsistent when the game is on the line.  We have several draft picks and I feel we could get a solid K out of the draft.  Look at Crosby for the Packers...he's amazing this year!

After Folk made his field last night I could barely breathe, my heart was pumping so hard I thought it was coming out of my chest and my entire body was shaking!  No joke.  Our defense kept us in the game and scored all of our points except for 3!  A few questionable play calls and Lindell's missed FG cost us this game.  I love Chris Berman because he's the only analyst to pick the Bills to win the game...much respect for Berm!

The rest of our schedule, minus the Patriots, isn't too bad.  I think if we take the events of the first quarter of the season and can build on them, then we'll have a solid season!  We're taking our lumps with the hardest schedule in the NFL but at least pushing forward and playing competitively.  The lucky breaks will turn our way!  I'M A BILLIEVER AND I ALWAYS WILL BE!  See you guys at "The Ralph" on the 21st!  I'll be wearing my "33" custom jersey!

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