Learning A Lot...And Finding Out Nothing

The only thing that is certain about the Draft is uncertainty.

It's now April 20, and we are only eight days away from the 2007 NFL Draft.  And thank Apollo for that!  I can't speak for anyone else, but I also know that I'm probably not alone in saying that I've been reading up on the draft for what seems like an eternity.  Ever since the Bills season ended, I've been immersed in the Draft.  I've read and made probably thousands of message board posts.  I've read first round mocks, two round mocks, first day mocks, seven round mocks, Bills mocks, even top 12 mocks.  I've read so many mock drafts that my eyes are about ready to bleed.  I've even participated in a mock draft.  I've pored over two different draft books and compared their notes with websites to try to get a feel for the consensus on players.  It's got to the point where I can hardly stand to look at info on the draft anymore.  I've just maxed my capacity  for thinking about it, but somehow I still go to sites and read about the draft every day.  It's a compulsion.

I love the NFL draft. I love the guessing games, the uncertainty, and the thrill of watching it all unfold and seeing deals made and futures altered.  I love that it gives us an excuse to talk serious football all winter and spring long.

But why do I really read all this stuff?  Like most here, I read up on the draft because I want to see who could be a future Bill.  In January, I just like to check out the early mocks, and see the names that are being thrown around for the Bills.  In February, I try to track the progress of the most hyped Bills prospects at the all important scouting combine.  In March, it's time to track the free agent market and figure out what  the goings-on there mean for our draft needs.  And of course, in April it's time to nail down final predictions and then watch in amazement as they all crumble to shreds in front of our face.

Throughout it all, the objective is to try and figure out who the Bills will take, but that's easier said than done.  Last year Marv Levy stymied all the draftniks with his surprise pick of Donte Whitner.  With that in mind, isn't our goal ultimately one that is likely to lead us only frustration.  Despite having settled on who I would like us to draft, I can think of no less than a nine different scenarios on how the #12 pick migh get used.

  1. Trade Up
  2. Trade Down
  3. Patrick Willis
  4. Paul Posluszny
  5. Jon Beason
  6. Robert Meachem
  7. Leon Hall
  8. Darrelle Revis
  9. Marshawn Lynch
And that's being conservative.  There are probably a few more that I could of stuck in there.  The point is that after all my research I've come to the conclusion that I know just as much of who we'll pick as I did in February, which is to say not much at all.

When it comes down to it, I've really enjoyed reading about this year's draft.  I'm more informed about this draft than I've ever been before.  I think that by know I know almost every first day prospect backwards and forwards.  I've learn a lot.  But I've found out nothing about what the Bills will do.  Only Marv knows, I guess.

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