Game Recap (I was there)

Oh where should I start?  Besides taking a lot of abuse from Steeler fans, the game wasn't bad.  Nice weather, nice seats, that's about it.
Our offensive line did a decent job making holes for Lynch.  Obviously they need to be more consistent.  They did a pretty stellar job in pass protection.  For the most part Losman had all the time in the world to throw the ball.  Speaking of Losman...HE SUCKED!  We didn't throw deep until late in the 3rd quarter!  The Steelers are not good, especially when Townsend has a sore groin.  The Steelers were rolling safeties over to Evans the entire game but you have to give your playmakers a chance to make a play and they didn't do that!  Losman's passes were terrible!  High, low, away, you name it, he wasn't close.  Towards the end of his game he was leaving the receivers out to dry.  Several WR's were lit up because they had to expose their bodies to catch the ball.  Playcalling was disgusting!  I was predicting many of their plays as soon as I saw their formations!  Every time they had one WR and 2 TE's they ran up the middle!  WHY?!  That is the Steelers strength and not our strongest point.  Lynch has amazing moves and speed and they didn't do a very good job of getting him out in space.
O-Line - B  They didn't an OK job with run blocking and gave J.P. plenty of time to throw the ball.
RB - C+  Lynch was able to make many people miss but got caught up too much by shoe string tackles.
WR - D  Granted they didn't have many opportunities to make plays, when they did catch the ball they didn't do very much with it.
QB - F  Losman was inconsistent on a steady basis, held the ball way too long in the pocket resulting in 4 sacks, and when he had a chance to run he didn't.  He did have 2 nice runs but couldn't had a lot more.

I've had about enough of this "Bend but don't Break" crap.  Granted once the Steelers got into the Red Zone in the first half they were stuffed, we couldn't do anything to stop them from getting there.  Posluszny was AMAZING!  His name was called on almost every single play.  Our defensive line was fairly consistent getting pressure w/o a lot of blitzing.  Their Cover 2 and Cover 3 defenses were putrid.  The Steelers WR's aren't that good and we could have gotten ourselves out of several jams if we would've man up'd on them.  Greer had a beautiful play in the end zone to break up a pass to save a TD.  Leonhard had a great INT!  The Steelers were pretty efficient picking apart our zone schemes on 3rd downs.
D-Line - B  They had consistent pressure on Ben and made several nice plays in the backfield and along the line of scrimmage.
LB's - C  Besides Posluszny's contributions you rarely heard anyone elses's name.  Crowell made a nice play on a screen pass in the red zone but that was about it.
DB's - C  Youboty didn't do too bad for his first career start.  He made several nice open field tackles on WR screens and didn't really allow any deep plays.

Special Teams:
McGee was awesome on kick returns when they actually kicked it deep to him.  He almost broke the opening kickoff of the second half for a TD and had a few other nice returns.  Roscoe never had an opportunity to return because our defense never forced a 4th down to give him a chance to return one.

Now, being that I'm from Pittsburgh I took a lot of crap today at the game.  There were probably only about 100 Bills fans in the entire stadium.  Our offensive play calling matched with Losman's putrid decision making made for another terrible offensive performance.  He had time in the pocket because our O-Line did a great job of picking up the Steelers unique blitz packages but he never threw the ball and when he did it was very inaccurate.  I'm suprised if Evans doesn't have a few bruised ribs from the hits he took trying to make plays with Losman's bad passes.  Despite our defense being very beat up they were pretty consistent and kept us in the game for about 3 quarters.  Our back-ups did a great job filling in and I'm very inspired by their play.  Posluszny is going to be great for a long time and they need to lock this player up!  Youboty did a fairly decent job proving his worth today and he's a pretty solid tacklet.  I was afraid to have Leonhard manning the FS spot but was impressed with his coverage skills when he played centerfield.  He totally baited Big Ben into throwing that INT.  He didn't bite for the pump fake that Ben put up but made Ben make the wrong decision and made him pay!

Good job defense, terrible job offense.  They have a lot to fix on offense and they better fix it fast.  Our schedule isn't getting any easier.  I thought it was going to be our offense who had to carry this team but it's looking to be the other way around.  I'm one of the biggest Bills fans you're going to find but even my faith is was crushed today.

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