2008 Free Agents

I'm not sure if anyone has posted anything like this but I did some digging to see what was available to the Bills this off-season. I won't post the full list, but only players that seem relevant. For the complete list go to

Of course, the list can not account for players that will be released in the coming months. But it gives us an idea of what will definitely be out there.

Quaterbacks: if JP is traded we will certainly need to add a QB for depth. I'm the staff will be looking for a guy with game experience.

Cleo Lemon - Obviously not a guy you want starting for you, but he does have some experience and you know what you'll get from him. Not a bad guy to have on the bench. The downside to Lemon is he does not have much to offer a young developing Trent Edwards.

Daunte Culpepper - Has plenty of experience for Edwards to draw from, and he can still play the position well enough to keep you in games. He had a few good games in Oakland this season and is not a bad option to fill in for an injured starter.

Rex Grossman - Nevermind.

Runningbacks: In all likelihood the Bills won't be adding anybody here unless there is a special teams need. There happens to be a ton of talent on the market this off-season, though.

Travis Minor and LaBrandon Toefiled are solid special teamers.

Receivers: Duh. The Bills need size, some who will be open when they're not open. There are some interesting FA's, but few sure shots. The Bills could potentially fix their receiving corps through FA, but the market is thin so they probably will not be able to nab a WR and a TE.

Randy Moss - New England would be stupid not to re-sign him, and I don't know if Buffalo ever would sign him. He's worth mentioning, I guess.

Ben Troupe - Troupe is a VERY athletic TE and is a mismatch against just about anyone. He's an average blocker (at best) and doesn't have elite hands (but can still make the "wow" catches). I think he's be a terrific signing and could have a huge impact in the Bills offense. I lived in Tennessee for a while and watched him play quite a bit... he's still very young, too. He didn't see much time in 2007 because he was coming back from a broken ankle suffered late in 2006. If the Bills can determine that he's good to go, we should jump on him, the guy's a monster (6'4" 270 lbs). If Troupe is added, this would spare the Bills of picking a TE in the early rounds.

L.J. Smith - Smith is a solid receiving TE, but is by no means a playmaker. I actually think he is a carbon-copy of Robert Royal with better hands and poorer blocking skills. He's a good TE but wouldn't make much sense in Buffalo.

Bryant Johnson - Has the size we're all looking for (6'3" 215 lbs). Football's Future is high on him, saying he runs good routes and has good hands. Can you blame a guy for being a number 3 on the Arizona Cardinal's receiving corps? Bryant's potential will probably take him out of the Cardinal's range, so he's definitely and option for us (and a good one).

Offensive Line: Dick Jauron loves to have continuity, particularly on the offensive line. But the Bills may not be able to pass up some the talent out there. There are some damn good free agents available this year. If the Bills don't break the bank on other positions there's definitely the potential to upgrade Brad Butler. There aren't many experienced centers out there.

Alan Faneca -  He will command some serious dollars, but the Bills would hands down have the best offensive line in football if he were added to it.

Max Starks - A Derrick Dockery clone. He's a young road-grader that would make the Bills O-line absolutely enormous. We could use a guy like him in the running game.

Colts situation - the Colts have 2 of their starters up for FA... Jake Scott and Ryan Lilja. Neither of these guys can command Dockery-like money, and I don't know if they would be a huge upgrade over Brad Butler. Either way it is unlikely the Colts can keep them both.

Reuben Brown - Still playing at a pretty high level, it would be nice to sign for a couple of seasons as depth and let him retire as a Bill.

Defensive Linemen: The Bills need some help here, duh. A bigger body inside seems essential on run downs, while a fast rusher seems paramount on passing downs. There are some pretty good players on both accounts available.

Terrell Suggs: Will probably be re-signed. Could easily add 10-15 lbs and switch to full-time DE in the Bills Cover 2, but he will command a huge contract (think Adalius Thomas). I guess we can dream, right?

Justin Smith -  Some people on this site want him, but to me he just seems like a Chris Kelsay clone. And he doesn't offer much speed. Uses his strength more.

Jared Allen - A pretty darn good DE. He's the top man on the market right now, which means he's going to get PAID. He might be a little out of our price range, and I can't see Buffalo shelling out a another huge contract to a DE with Kelsay and Schobel already locked up. He is, without a doubt, an upgrade over Kelsay. Not a likely signing for the Bills, unfortunately.

Albert Hanynesworth - Showed just how much he's worth this season. He is a monster against the run and a good pass rusher up the middle. Another player that is going to require a huge contract. He could certainly elevate our defense more than any other player on the market. The Bills can get him if they're willing to pay.

Corey Williams -  I like Williams a lot. A notch below Haynesworth and is probably the second most valuable player on the market for the Bill's defense. The Bills could snag him by giving him a good offer early in free agency while everybody is going nuts over Fat Albert.

Tommy Kelly - If all else fails, the Bills can grab the big run-stuffing DT. Kelly would definitely be a situational (run downs) player in our scheme, and that may stop the Bills from offering a good deal of money if he's not capable of playing every down.  

Linebackers: woof the pickings are slim. We all know we need a WLB, though. This just may be a position that gets drafted.

Lance Briggs - The elite prospect this year. He makes a lot of sense for the Bills as he plays in a Cover 2 (would bring a lot of valuable experience to a young D) and he was drafted by Dick Jauron. I don't know if I would agree with paying Briggs, however, when you can find excellent LB's (like Briggs) in the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the draft.

Boss Bailey - Another guy that makes sense for the Bills. Jauron coached and knows him well. Bailey may be one of the most athletic LB's in the league and still has a ton of potential. The problem is he's injury-prone. But he would come at a good price. I think he'd be a great signing even if it is just for depth.

Defensive Backs - I don't think the Bills need much in the seconday, honestly. The poor play of the secondary as rarely due to man coverage. In fact, most of our CB's INTs came in man coverage. The Bills' secondary makes plays when they are given the opportunities. They struggled in zone coverage this season because our line was inept at putting pressure on QBs. Anywho, there are some guys who would definitely upgrade our defensive backfield.

Asnate Samuel - Bills fans know all too well how smart of a corner Samuel is. Maybe the best route reader in the game. It's doubtful, however, that the Bills invest a large sum of money in Samuel when they weren't willing to do it for Clements.

Marcus Trufant - Trufant is a really good cornerback, greater than or equal to Terrance McGee. He would be an excellent addition and would not command elite money.

Gibril Wilson - Seems to be just what the Bills need at safety; a guy who can cover AND hit. Russ Brandon may already have his eye on Wilson as he has publicly said he would like to upgrade the safety position.

Bottom Line: there are plenty of places the Bills can go to upgrade their football team during free agency. If the Bills land 2 players on this list (any two), I believe they could be contenders. If they land a receiver and a defensive lineman from this list, it's almost certain we'll be on the fast-track to the playoffs (we still need to kick ass on draft day, of course) in 2008. I would be satisfied with something like this...

Ben Troupe
Boss Bailey
Corey Williams

Who's on your wish list?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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