Bye week summary of season thus far

So here we are at the bye week and our beloved Bills are 4-1 atop the AFC East.  yeaaaaaahh.  While this is all fine and dandy, lets take a look a closer look at what is happening.

The defense has only played one team that one would say is a playoff calibre offensively....and they got schredded.  Horribly.  

The Cards have the 6th rated Offense in the NFL, which is good.  However, we showed no abilitiy what so ever in being able to even slow them down remotely.  The other teams we have beat:  Seattle 27th, Oakland 23rd, Jax. 20th and St. Louis 31st. 

As you can see, we can stop teams that stop themselves, but when a real challenge presents itself, we are no where near to be found.  Not even close really.

Our Offense, by contrast is 18th in the NFL, while better than last year still not very good.  Especially considering that Edwards and Losman have both yeilded almost the same exact offense.  Two TD's in a game average.  When you consider that Edwards has played bad 75% of the time and only played well above average only 25% of the time, you know that good teams are going to beat us because they play good the whole game and not just in stretches.  Consistent football is what winning teams do.  We MUST get there soon or we will be losing more than winning.

Lynch is managing only 3.6 yds per carry and has yet to get a 100 yd game, or even close for that matter.  While sacks are more plentiful for opposing defenses that last year by far.

Sacks are down from last year from our D and getting pressure sans the Seattle game has been scarely close to last years defense.

So, going forward, what can we expect.  We have 11 games remaining.  6 Divisional.  The divisional games will obviously tell us where we are at.  We can win them all IMO -however, all three are playing more consistently than Buffalo at this point throughout the entire stretch of the games and are not as bad as predicted prior to the start of the season.

Do we have the talent to beat our divisional opponenets?  yes, very much so. But unless we have more consistency all around, this will not happen.  If the run offense and pressure defense does not turn things around, we may be looking at a repeat of '04.  I obviously hope not, but the writing is on the walls.  Playing poor opponents may be our only saving grace if we do not improve in these areas.

Please bash me below and vote as well. 

 Also, when you bash me because the Giants lost to these guys or whatever, remember, we are talking about our team. Not how the other teams lost games they were suppose to win.  Teams like the Giants have their miscues, but overall have played more consistently in their wins than we have in ours.  The old cliche of "any given sunday" is very much true, however; you can see consistency over a period of we have that period of time to evaluate the consistency to date. 




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