Bills/Jets: Blogging with Jets Fans, Part II

Yesterday, we sat down with John Butchko of Gang Green Nation to discuss the upcoming Buffalo Bills versus New York Jets matchup.  I was also featured in an interview for The Fifth Down, a blog by The New York Times.  Today, we complete the trifecta of Jets blogger interviewing by sitting down with Gregg Gethard, who blogs at Game On for MSG.  I asked him the same questions that I asked John yesterday, and Gregg came back with some brief, yet more revealing answers.  I also did a reciprocal interview, so be sure to check that out.

Rumblings: How much patience do Jets fans have with Brett Favre?  When he throws untimely picks - against the Chiefs, no less - do you think "Hey, it's just Favre being Favre" or "Gosh, you know, I really wish he'd cut that crap out"?

Gethard: I think the past two weeks have started to end the "Brett Favre Honeymoon period". Jets fans were willing to give Favre a LOT of leeway. Last season the team was absolutely miserable and, to make it worse, the Giants (duh) winning the Super Bowl just made things worse. The Favre trade put the Jets on the front pages, and that's something that's really important to a downtrodden, angst-filled fan base.

Rumblings: Give us the low down on the Jets' defense this season.  No AFC East team has given up more points than the Jets; what are the strengths/weaknesses of this unit?

Gethard: I don't think the Jets defense has been that bad. The point total has been pushed up because the team has given up big totals against San Diego and Arizona, causing point inflation, much like an Ivy League school.

The team's run defense is obviously its strength. They're one of the tops in the league in stopping the run. Their linebacking corps has been really good all year long. Calvin Pace is one heck of a player. I've compared him to actor Ed Norton -- he's always very good and sometimes brilliant.

Their secondary needs some help, but Darrelle Revis is a star in the making.

Rumblings: This is Eric Mangini's third year on the job, and he orchestrated some pretty bold moves to get the Jets back into contention.  Is it "playoffs or bust" for Mangini, or is he squarely off of the hot seat in New York?

Gethard: Eric's slowly finding himself on the hot seat. He's been widely (and justifiably) criticized for the team's conservative Pat Buchanan-style playbook. The team has played well when they're forced to scramble and let loose. They haven't played so well running a traditional style. The offense has some horses - the ETA of Leon Washington becoming a household name is Week 13 - but they haven't been used right at all.

Mangini has another year, at least. But if he doesn't show anything by the end of next year, Bill Belichik is going to have an enormous smirk on his evil face.


We have one more interview segment to go, in which we'll sit back down with John Butchko to discuss some key matchups for the upcoming game.  That'll come your way later on today.

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