I wish Jerry Sullivan could actually write

SO I answered his hypothetical little hissy fit column. 

Bills have few answers to questions

Jerry Sullivan
Buffalo News


Some days, it seems, all you're left with are questions:

Was it any surprise that in the moment of truth, Dick Jauron couldn't get the challenge flag out in time?   Jerry, with you on this one -Maybe he should leave his hackey sack and other toys in another pocket!

When are the Bills going to draft and develop a true stud lineman in the first round of the draft?  Jerry, it pains me to say this but be specific - Offense or Defense.  Our last 2 on either side - Mike Williams or John McCargo were misses.

After the last three games, do you wonder if Trent Edwards is suffering aftereffects from the concussion?  Jerry, frankly no - but he at least has to be thinking about when the next one is going to happen!

Are you starting to have a few reservations about that great 2006 draft?  Jerry, it would help if  the two key starters from that year, Whitner and Butler, actually played in the game this week.

How come the Steelers, no matter the players or the head coach, are always a tougher team than the Bills?  Jerry - this one's easy - their uniforms are black - ours are just dark blue!

Are you telling me Angelo Crowell couldn't help this thin linebacking corps right about now?  Jerry - too easy - no because he's limping pretty badly after his surgery!

Didn't Jauron sound a little tongue-tied when he was asked why he wasted the timeout at the end of the first half? Jerry - not really, unlike you Coach Jauron thinks before he speaks - that what's Yalies do!

Hasn't Kyle Williams seemed a tad average the last few weeks?  Jerry - That's what happens when you face Probowlers 2 weeks in a row!

Aren't you tired of hearing Jauron repeat himself in news conferences, repeat himself in news conferences?  Jerry - then stop asking the same questions!

Are you losing a little enthusiasm for the big rematch against the Dolphins up in Toronto on Pearl Harbor Day?  Jerry - Does Toronto even celebrate Pearl Harbor Day?  Tell them canucks to put on their Toucs and open the roof!

Do you notice a certain lack of passion and competitive fire in them lately? When was the last really big hit?  Jerry - Confused - are we talking about the women in your life or football now?  I think that song with the line "Shake it like a Polaroid Picture" was the last really big hit!

Don't you wish it was the Bills who realized Wes Welker could be a dynamite No. 2 wide receiver?   Jerry - They did, after they saw him line up for the Pats.  Besides, Josh Reed's a better blocker!  And TD's are overrated!

Why do you use the 12th overall pick on a running back if you're going to give him 15-16 carries a game?  Jerry - aw c'mon - because we had to pick someone and his nickname rules - Beast Mode!<!

Can the Bills afford to keep Jabari Greer in town when he becomes a free agent after the season?  Jerry - depends if we can get a preferred rate at an Extended Stay or something like that.

Don't you appreciate Aaron Schobel a little more when he's not on the field?  Jerry - confused again - Call me fickle but No I actually appreciate him more when he plays, makes tackles, gets sacks and forces turnovers.

What does it say when Robert Royal becomes one of the go-to guys in your passing offense?  That we actually run plays to the TEs now

Did Tim Connolly get hurt again yet? Oops, sorry, wrong sport.  Yes he did!

What, you're telling me Reggie Corner is ahead of Leodis McKelvin on the depth chart at cornerback?  Jerry be nice its Only in the nickel slot

Which game films did the scouts watch that convinced them Derrick Dockery was worth $49 million?  The ones where he was playing next to Mike Williams at Texas - Hook em Horns!

Will Bill Belichick stick around long enough to break Don Shula's record of 20 straight wins over the Bills?   Jerry - No because that MRSA infection he got while coaching in Cleveland should take his life prematurely

Does it appear that opposing teams have caught on to the fact that the linebackers are a bit slow in coverage?  Jerry - some of us have seen you play hoops, which gave us the true definition of slow, white guy.   Brandon Spoon was slow in pass coverage

Did you turn off the TV during the Pats' 19-play drive? Were you tempted to put your foot through the set?  Jerry - obvious you are a transplant - us lifelong fans try to compare that agony to worse things in our Bills viewing history - like Joe Dufek at QB

Did anyone else have chilling flashbacks to the Bledsoe era Sunday?   No because Turk had enough sense to not call a QB draw

What's the over-under on the number of games it takes Marshawn Lynch to rush for 100 yards again?  Jerry - I'll go with 1.  Mon Night is Prime Time for Beast Mode

The way things are going, will the Chiefs actually be favored when the Bills show up in K. C. in two weeks?  Not unless they have Len Dawson and Otis Taylor in their prime suiting up.

Are the Bills maybe waiting for Jauron to win another game before announcing that contract extension?  Yes, and I hope its a playoff game

If the Bills did promise to talk contract with Jason Peters during the season, what do they say now?  Jason, with the recent downturn in the economy and your recent play, we are asking everyone to take a 15% pay cut, retroactive to Game 1 this season.

Do you think J. P. Losman was laughing inside, just a little bit, after Edwards' performance in Foxborough?  Jerry, this of course presumes JP has the ability to think in 2 dimensions.  Careful now

What do you suppose Donte Whitner feels worse about right now, the shoulder or the guarantee?  I gotta go with the shoulder - they hurt like an SOB

Is Lee Evans ever going to have a 100-yard receiving day against the Pats? Did you know he hasn't had more than 40 yards against them in a game since 2005?  Yes when his new contract expires and he signs with another team

Can you believe Roscoe Parrish has had 60 yards receiving in a game just once in his career?  OMG - was it against the JETS or the PATS

How did the Bills manage to make Matt Cassel look like Doug Flutie on those scrambles up the middle Sunday?  They closed their dominant eyes and squinted which makes everything look really small and wiggly

How good is Paul Posluszny, really?  Fair to middlin right now

When will I learn not to overreact when the Bills get off to a hot start?  Jerry, admit it, you never get on any Buffalo team bandwagon so how can you get off one now?

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