MNF Flashback: The Aftermath

I'm angrier than anybody about what transpired, but I made a pact with myself before the season that I was going to enjoy every week and stay positive throughout (never tried it before).  With that said, the Bills had an equally (a bit different due to our terrible record, but bad nonetheless especially after leading the entire way and having to deal with Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin groping each other in the booth at the Ralph; very professional) devastating loss on MNF last year against the Cowboys.  A loss to a 54 yd FG v. a loss to a 56 yd FG.  It wasn't cool the first time, or the second.

My point:

A year less experienced and with similar torturous qb issues, the 2007 Buffalo Bills followed up that terribly beat loss (after a bye week to lick their wounds) in the following fashion (via wiki):

7 October 21, 2007 Baltimore 1 PM EDT Ralph Wilson Stadium CBS W 19-14 2-4
8 October 28, 2007 New York Jets 1 PM EDT The Meadowlands CBS W 13-3 3-4
9 November 4, 2007 Cincinnati 1 PM EST Ralph Wilson Stadium CBS W 33-21 4-4
10 November 11, 2007 Miami 1 PM EST Dolphin Stadium CBS W 13-10 5-4

The Bills swept four games from some pretty bad teams (similar to earlier this year) after losing to the Girls. If the Bills can react favorably again, they obviously have winnable games in front of them.  This could help put a couple wins up, and almost as importantly, could give Edwards, et al a confidence boost heading into the toughest portion of our schedule.

@ KC: KC offense is coming on, and Arrowhead is always difficult, but if the Bills have any interest in their season having a future after this week, they will pull it out.

SF: A loss here would probably put me at peace.  If they can't beat the Niners at home, they didn't have the type of team I thought.

MIA: Hate that it is in Toronto, but again, if the Bills don't beat Miami in two tries this year I will feel much more comfortable knowing the Bills aren't good and I never really lost anything.

@ NYJ: Toughest game (IMO) left on the schedule. NE has pushed us around for a decade, but the Jets outplayed the Brady-less Pats in NE last week.  They are playing the best football in the division (along with the Dolphins, hard to say that) at the most important time. 

After that a tough one at DEN (no defense, hopefully will be a snowy Denver day) followed by Pats in Buff.  I wouldn't be surprised to see another post-devastation winning streak, especially with the upcoming schedule.  If Whitner/Greer/Schobel are out for an extended period of time (and Butler limping last night was hard to watch), this will be quite a bit more difficult.





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