While many of us are try to "keep it real", as the season moves towards another year of fingers being crossed and trying to analyze post season potential by mathematical reasoning, let us please keep in mind that every game is winnable, although surely not easy. Let's have a look:

1. SF comes to Buffalo this week -- They have a regained toughness, but a cross country trip does not bode well for them. Bills need to keep it smart and mistake free to make up for previous home losses.

2. Miami via Toronto -- A game i would have rather seen at the Ralph, the hoopla may just aide the Bills as they look to make up for their loss on Monday Night. There is a good chance Buffalo and Miami have the same record going in. Miami plays St. Louis @ St. Louis, the week before in a game that seems to be a toss up. The Rams will be reeling from a home loss against the Bears, and the Dolphins will be looking improve from their meltdown at home. A loss for Miami would put them at a two game skid, and if you look at the Bills past losses, against Arizona, and Miami, were after those teams had lost 2 in a row. So if Miami wins a tough won, and comes out battered, it may be the best recipe for the Bills, who seem to get victories in chunks (and losses unfortunately).


3. Favre in New Jersey -- Now we have a team who is being crowned "Best in the AFC", and for God's sake, with #4 I guess we could have seen this crap storm coming but give me a break. Denver is rolling into town and I will be a very big Cutler fan this week, and hopefully he doesn't repeat sour performances. That game could be shoot out, and i think if it is, Denver might just win. Then the Jits go out to SF for a West Coaster and that might prove to be a trap game for them. Then its a rebound back home to take on the Bills, and I like our chances. The Bills run at the Meadowlands (or giants stadium or, who cares, aginst the jets at home). OJ gets 2,003 yards, Thurman has gone over 200 there, and even McGahee has pulled out his best Bills games there. Now Beast Mode, newly revitalized might just get to reap the rewards. I think the Jets might come down to Earth, but we are going to have to show up with a flawless game plan, and I hope Butler is back to help Preston with that Fat-Body they have at the Nose.


4. Out to Mile High vs. Cutler and Broncs -- They seem to get the better of us the past few times, and now with Cutler and that high powered offense, we might have some trouble. However, by this time, if we have Greer, mcGee, McKelvin and Whitner all healthy, we might be able to stop that wild passing attack. We wil have to also get some action going on O. "IF" we are on a three game win streak, then we had better not look past the Broncos. They'll be coming off a East Coaster to Carolina and looking forward to a big divisional game against SD, which they will need to even think Wild Card, and SD will be playing tough just to save face in my estimation. This is winnable, but against superior coaching, we will have to be aggressive, and that goes for all of these games.


5. The Pats (ugghh) -- In what could be reminiscent of the Steelers game when Mularkey thought we might make it to the playoffs (X10 by the way), the Pats may have regained the division lead, or it could still be tied (maybe even with the Bills), but either way, they are going to come swinging no matter what. Home, away, it doesn't matter because the Pats obviously have our number. BUT if the Bills are leaning on a win streak, and the post-season in our sights, they might not be able to stop the momentum. They'll be coming off of two "easy" games; going to Oakland and having the Sun baked Cards going into a wintery Gillette stadium. We have two things that may or may not help as well, or maybe one thing, and that is the weather. Brad isn't there and I don't know about Cassell in the wind and snow. Now Edwards isn't much better (yet) obviously, but his tenacity after some of these let downs and the possible win streak and playoff sniff might boost us over the hump. Regardless, if we are out by math, than I hope Bill has to play the starters to oust the jets from the divisional lead or to secure their own spot, that way they play the starters and we can spoil their post-season dreams. That would be a winning season to me.


Go Bills!

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