The Bigger Issue at Hand...

Brian, i am not sure if I can pull a quote off of another forum, so I figure I will beg for forgiveness after the fact. But I saw this on TSW a few days ago. It was good for a laugh (lord knows we need them as Bills fans), but it really got me thinking on a more serious note. (I also tried to clean it up a bit...but you get the idea)

Please delete the quote if deemed inappropriate

"You've all heard of people using extenze, the new product for male enhancement. Well, I've decided to extend my "Jauron" as well. He'll be back for another season. With my new extension, we'll be able to play harder, faster, and able to sustain ourselves for a full 60 minutes. No more starting out fast and going 5 and 1, only to loose our momentum and shrink our playoff chances. My "Jauron's" extension will add length at the end of the season, and into the playoffs. Buy our season tickets and get a live show for our new and extended Buffalo Bills!"

The thread was started in response to a poster asking for humorous responses on how Russ and Ralph market the Bills to the fans next season. Most of us have been Bills fan most of our lives, whether if that means 20 yrs., or 50yrs.  Myself, around 18 yrs. (I'm only 27).  But I honestly can't recall a time when there was so much dissention among the ranks. We have undoubtitly the most loyal fans in the NFL, but for once I am actually believe that people are geniunly fed up with the franchise.


While not in stone, it appears that Dick Jauron will be back next year, but at what cost? Alienation of the fans? Most of us know, that one thing that we can do as fans to keep the team around, is to sell out games. We prove our commitment, time and time again, but do we feel rewarded as a fan base?


I might be in the vast minority, but I think we keep DJ around. The man simply baffles me at times. But, on the bright side, strangely, I think he isn't all bad for the franchise. He has an above average job in the draft in free agency, he appears to be a stand up guy (for what its worth in this business), the players seem to love him, and we can't deny that they play hard for him. (again, for what its worth). And he appears to being doing what we all have been begging for as of late: more aggressiveness. Besides, is the best thing for us really another regime change? Again. As i learned in the military,...continuity is extremely important.


I guess the question I am getting at is how would you feel if Ralph keeping DJ around, possibly in another capacity? Maybe even as head coach, but with a serious upgrade at OC, and maybe even DC (Perry has done ok with what he has to work with)......Wich leads to part II of my inquiry....


What about our players?  lately, there has been some disgruntlement from the players, about play calling. But I am more worried about player confidence. Especially in Lynch, Evans, and most importantly, Trent.  Marshawn has got to be thinking "What the hell did I do wrong. I bust my tail on every play, yet they still won't give me the at the most critical game time situations"

What I am getting at is that has is the franchise also alienating it's players? I bet Lynch one guy who is really biding his time in Buffalo. I can only speculate that other young talent is thinking the same. And what about Moorman, Schoebel, McGee, Reed...ect....can only be thinking the same thing.  It's bad enough we already have to overpay to get guys to come up here.  To me, this is a really big issue.

I guess what I am looking for with this post, is what do you guys feel about DJ hanging around (in some shape or form), what about the fans, how should we react with the givin situation, thoughts on the players wanting to stay here...and any constructive, outside of the box thinking about the state of the franchise as a whole.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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