Off-Season stuff too early

Still wondering if anyone has a Copeland Bryan jersey.

My new favorite word of the day is rosterable.  I’m sure many or most of you have heard it before, but I had not, until today.  It comes from Kaisertown, and is for the most part, the inspiration for all of the following words.

By my math, I’m quite sure there will be about 250+ specific fan posts between now and next September with regard to the Bills roster.  I think this might be the first crack at it.  Pathetic, considering there are still two, count ‘em two, games left in the 2008 season.  God, I wish I was really typing about the playoffs.  But that’s what being a Bills’ fan is all about this decade – waiting until next year.

First – I’m working under the assumption that DJ will be back, and that there won’t be whole sale changes in the front office or coaching staff.  I really only see them getting rid of Schonert, and I’m not even sure of that.

Rosterable or not?


Edwards.  That’s the only one I have so far.  Obviously, we all know JP is gone.  I could see Hamdan sticking around, but he really is an unknown commodity.  Does he deserve a roster spot because he holds a clipboard better than other guys do?  I don’t know.  I imagine there is a skill set in holding the clipboard, but by no means am I qualified to judge one’s ability to do so.  I hear talk on the radio and the like that McNabb is available.  Wow – that is that a topic for an entirely different fan post.  In all reality though, they must must must get a vet back-up here, as well as bring in a rook to compete with Hamdan.  So far, I’m up to one roster spot guaranteed.


Lynch and Jackson are no brainers.  Other than that, we have nothing.  McIntyre should be working on his resume as we speak.  Certainly, he should be working on his receiving.  He has hands like feet – they stink.  Omon is someone I would really like to see over the next two weeks.  The two games against Denver and New England represent a huge chance for guys to impress as we get to the off-season.  Omon, in my book, is someone who could alter the way Bills’ brass views that RB/FB spot.  Just because I’m a homer, and I like what I know about him, I would love to see this kid pack on an extra 10-15 pounds, and assume the role of the limited FB the Bills currently, and foreseeably, will use going forward.  In any event, I still have only two rosterable guys here, which brings the total to three. 


Four of the five are a lock.  I don’t have to waste any effort typing here.  After that, there is nothing.  Many have talked of Demetrius Bell, as have I.  But really, just because he comes from Karl Malone doesn’t mean he’s going to be a special pro athlete.  Still, I would like to see more of him, especially over the next two weeks.  I always have, and always will believe that a player’s first off-season will help him more than anything.  At this time next year, I could be singing the praises of this kid, or wondering if anyone ever bought his jersey.  Preston is a possibility too – I’m fifty/fifty on him as a back-up.  One thing no one ever mentioned about him is the effort he gave trying to tackle Ellis in the Jets game.  Dude bowls over a ref, then makes an huge effort to knock down Eillis.  [By the way – how come not one of us ever mentioned how perfect the ball bounced into Ellis’ hands.  Watch the video again – the ball just jumped up there for him.]   Anyway, who is this Detroit Lion cast off they just signed?  Really?  John Guy (who I have met, and really enjoys being “John Guy”) thinks picking up a guy who couldn’t make the Lions’ roster is supposed to help us?  Mr. Guy – how about scouting the guys from the good teams?  With all of that, it brings us up to seven players.


It’s weird.  Aside from the CBs and DL, I can’t think of a more stocked position on this team.  And at the same time, if you asked me, I’d say our WRs as a whole stink.  Evans is here, as is Parrish and Reed.  Hardy is thought to be a lock too, but I’m not so sure.  That injury he has is serious; he won’t be ready for about six months, at best.   He more than anyone needs work in this off-season, and now he can’t do it.  Still, he’s probably a lock.  I am rooting for Steve Johnson, but he’s not a guarantee in my book.  I’d really like to see him do well from now until the 28th.  I also want to see Felton Huggins, just for the hell of it.  He’s a taller WR, and might benefit from Hardy’s absence in the off-season. 

As far as TEs go, I only have Fine.  I know Royal is signed for more year at a modest salary, so keeping him is an option; he is a decent blocker.  I also think the Schouman experiment is over.  After this, the total number of rosterable guys I have is 11.


It’s Stroud, Williams, Johnson, Schoebel, Kelsay, and possibly Ellis or Denney.  This is much like the WR/TE group; incredibly stocked, but left wanting.  I’m going with six here; I have to think someone will be moved in order to accommodate an infusion of talent at his position(s).  So now we’re up to seventeen.  By the way – who in the hell is Marcus Smith?


I’m generously going with four here.  Poz, Mitchell, DiGi, and Ellison.  The latter two are only depth and STs, in my opinion.  There is a serious lack of talent here.  Something tells me Alvin and/or Lehman is not the answer.    Up to 21 rosterable players.


I think Greer is a goner.  Chris Brown says he might get up to 8 million a year.  I like him, but I don’t think he’s worth that much.  That leaves McGee and Leodis.  I also consider Youboty as a keeper.  Corner could get some movement up the depth chart if he gets time the next two weeks, and has a solid off-season.  It wasn’t long ago that the public perception was that he progressed faster than Leo.

Bryan Scott and Whitner fill out my safety guys.  I rooted for George Wilson the last two years; great story.  Unfortunately, his story is better than his game.  I’m also voting Ko Simpson off of the island.  I liked him too, but this season has revealed him as a bad draft pick.  Wendling plays STs very well; aside from that, all he has is a youtube video.  Up to 27 now…


Moorman, Lindell, and Neil round out the guaranteed jerseys for next year.  Neil can be replaced, but as of now, I doubt it.  That brings us up to thirty.

Why did the Bills not use available cap room this year?  From an outsider’s point of view, they made more money this year than ever before.

Does anyone have any knowledge on their cap situation for next year?  We have a great analyst for the OL on this site; we need a capologist here too.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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