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I thought Chuck Pollock, sports editor for the Olean Times Herald (whatever that is?) hits the nail on the head with this one, "It’s times Bills’ coaching staff got scrutinized". Read the whole thing but heres the last half of the piece:

Coordinator Turk Schonert was seen as an encouraging upgrade from his predecessor, Steve Fairchild. But in recent weeks, it’s been tough to tell where Fairchild ends and Schonert begins.

The most disturbing reincarnation is the "we’re going to outsmart you" hubris he’s displayed.

Buffalo has one of the NFL’s biggest offensive lines, but on 3rd-and-short, despite the presence of a pair of hard-running backs, the Bills invariably pass.

Not only does that decision show a lack of faith in the offensive front, it also displays a degree of play-calling arrogance ... we don’t have to out-muscle you, we going to outsmart you?

Against the 49ers, Buffalo had seven plays on 3rd or 4th down of four yards or less. The result was three runs, three passes and a sack.

AND, FINALLY, of course, there’s the issue of the team reflecting Jauron’s always-controlled persona.

Clearly it worked for Marv Levy, the man who hired him.

But Marv had the right team - a self-starting veteran squad overflowing with leadership - for his laissez-faire, let-the-assistants-coach approach.

Jauron has one of the league’s youngest rosters with precious-few leaders - Donte Whitner excepted - and a little fear for job security or an in-you-face blasting from coaches for repeated errors would probably serve it well.

Even Jauron is aware that the heat’s been turned up by frustrated fans.

On Monday he allowed, "I definitely understand (the criticism). I’m where it stops. I’m the guy. The things that go wrong, I’ve got to get them corrected."

Yet clearly, he can’t be somebody he’s not ... ie. an old-fashioned hard-line disciplinarian.

Unfortunately, you get the idea that nobody on Jauron’s staff, other than special teams coach Bobby April, is willing to get into a player’s grille.

Too bad, because maybe, just maybe, if these Bills played with a bit of fear of being called out on their failings, we wouldn’t be talking about five losses in six games.

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