Am I Just Insane or........

I live in Long Island, New York so I dont really hear too much Buffalo chatter in the newspaper/T.V, etc. (obviously, it's all Jets/Giants), but can someone please tell me what the coaching/GM chatter is up there in Buffalo?

Is it just me or when every other team in the NFL has a monumental MELTDOWN like we all witnessed this season, heads usually roll, right? Then why does it always seem, year in and year out that Wilson never really makes BOLD changes? Is Juron his Son In-Law or something?

Look at what Miami did in their off-season, they made BOLD changes in Pennington, Parcells, etc. and look what happened, a winning season with playoff possibilities coming off a 1 win season a mere season ago.

Is that what this team needs in order to finally make some positive changes? Loose all but 1 game next year, or better yet, go winless? It's not that hard to imagine the way this rollercoaster of a year went.

I come from the old school football where the players didn't "Like" their head coach, they "FEARED" him! They wanted to win not because they "Reeeeally Reeeeally Liked" him, they want to win because they didn't want to get chewed out by him and benched/fired! What happened to that? Parcell's fits that bill, Bill Cower does too. Players and Coordinators alike respond to people like that and that is exactly what we need in my opinion.

Also, I think Trent Edwards has the opportunity to be a GREAT QB in the years to come, but only if he learns from a seasoned veteran QB. His rookie season, who did he have to learn the ropes from, J.P.? Then they pulled him and threw Trent into the fire. Take a look at QB's like Rodgers, Cassel, and even Brady, who did they learn the ropes from? Farve, Brady and Bledsow respectively. Now these young QB's are doing great (well, Rodgers in struggling a bit).

I think that the only way the Buffalo Bills are going to ever going to break this 10 year loosing spurt and truely become a feared NFL team is if there is a "Mindset" change as well as a "Personel" change. I truely believe that this even tempered, mild mannered Coaching Staff is not working! It is really a testamant to the saying "It is better to be feared that to be loved". The coaching staff as well as the GM is giving the players no motivation to win! I know when I played football my motivation did come from a desire to win, but more so because I was deathly afraid of my coach. If I dropped a catchable pass on 3rd down I almost wanted to walk on the opposing teams sideline for fear of the coach! That is what this team needs!!!

Also, I would love to see Buffalo pick up a veteran QB for Trent to learn from. I think that it would not only help him immensly when the torch is finally passed, but if there was a vet under center for a year or two, we might actually move the chains more. Trent  has to learn from a vet how to properly go through his reads, how to feel the pocket breaking down, sense the pressure, when to throw the ball away and not throw questionable balls, etc. Because we all know that he coundn't have learned that from Losman!

So, in closing, is there any credible "Chatter" about this up in Buffalo? Does anybody agree with me or am I just finally loosing my mind after all these years of disappointing seasons? I do have to say that this year was especially disappointing because of the 5-1 start. I started trash talking the Jet fans here in Long Island waaaayyy too soon! I should have definitely known better!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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