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I had this burried down in another post but I wanted everyones opinion on this one.  How do you all think our front office has scouted players over the last four years?  These are obviously my opinions based off of what I have seen thus far from these players.  I just think that DJ and the coaches are getting a lot of the blame and the front office keeps getting a pass.  I really think our scouting is below average.  Clearly this has nothing to do with the ineffectiveness of the coaching (can we PLEASE keep all that firing coaches talk out of this post?) but more to do with the quality of the players they have to use.

2005 – horrible draft IMO – Parrish shouldn’t have been our first pick of that draft
Roscoe Parrish – 1st round went to Dallas
TE Kevin Everett – was a bust prior to injury
(Duke) Raymond Preston – we know
Eric King – cut
OG Justin Geisinger – out of football (I beleive)
RB Lionel Gates – cut

S Donte Whitner Ohio State – not game changer
DT John McCargo NC State – bust
CB Ashton Youboty Ohio State – shown flashes but hurt alot
S Ko Simpson South Carolina – overrated and probably gone after this season
DT Kyle Williams LSU – good find
OT Brad Butler Virginia – good find
OLB Keith Ellison Oregon St. – backup at best
Terrance Pennington – cut
G Aaron Merz California – practice squad? out of football?

Marshawn Lynch RB California – great pick
Paul Posluszny OLB Penn State – not living up to expectations thus far
Trent Edwards QB Stanford – hopefully GREAT find
Dwayne Wright RB Fresno State – cut
John Wendling S Wyoming – career backup/STer
Derek Schouman TE Boise State – jury still out
C.J. Ah You – cut

2008 – cannot make an opinion yet…too early
Leodis McKelvin CB Troy University
James Hardy WR Indiana
Chris Ellis DE Virginia Tech
Reggie Corner DB Akron
Derek Fine TE Kansas
Alvin Bowen OLB Iowa State
Xavier Omon RB Northwest Missouri State
Demetrius Bell T Northwestern State
Steve Johnson WR Kentucky
Kennard Cox

I see some quality there, but nothing to write home about.

As far as SOLID starters i’d only put these guys on my list:
Donte Whitner
Kyle Williams
Brad Butler
Marshawn Lynch
Paul Posluszny
Trent Edwards
Leodis McKelvin – even though jury still out on ’08 class

so that makes 7 SOLID starters over 4 drafts. 1st round picks should be a gimme as they are the easiest to pick. so that means over the last 4 years we have found only 3 other SOLID starters in later rounds for our team.

i’m just not sure that is good front office scouting.

what does everyone think?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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