A tale of two Bills

It was the best of times and the worst...nevermind

This is going to be a hurtful thing to read but:
The Bills of Jim Kelly and today's Bills to be blunt are in almost every way the opposites.

Jim Kelly's bills were innovators. They pretty much invented the no huddle offense, and Kelly ran it to perfection. The Bills defense was extremely well balanced with both a scary run game and a scary pass game. Kelly was one of the toughest QBs of all time and took sack after sack but got up almost everytime. They played physical, intense, aggressive, hard hitting defense which the colder it got the deadlier they became. And if one of those players made a comment about not being able to play in the cold he'd be off the team by the next morning. The team was made of not just good football players but even better human beings. Many still chose to stay in Buffalo regardless of how poor the economy was because they loved the place and it loved them back. Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas both want the Bills to win and both have criticized the current coaching staff we have now.

Today's bills implement schemes borrowed poorly from other teams. They call mind bogglingly bad plays both on offense and defense. Their offense is an often putrid mix of West coast dink and dunk passes and vertical passes and once in awhile a run. They pass on the red zone although they have a back who has great effort and who is great for goal line situations. Then the team runs on situations like 2nd and 15 :42 seconds until the halftime with no time outs (because the team uses them all because they aren't disciplined and can't even line up properly) The defense is founded on the failed principle of bend but don't break. They play prevent for most games (except the Miami one where they gave up bombs from....Chad Pennington) and that allows teams to, at their own pace drive down the field getting first down after first down and keeping the defense on the field all game. The team is afraid of the cold, isn't tough....isn't even conditioned probably as this team has all sorts of injuries. With the heaviest offensive line most times they aren't even able to block.

Both QBs have terrible weaknesses. Edwards is a good QB but he can't play in the cold and just isn't very tough. He acts wooden and uncomfortable in press conferences and just spouts the company line. I'm just being honest I really like Edwards but I'm being a realist too he has some issues. J.P. has terrible pocket presence and although is fast and athletic wants to be a pocket passer first which he struggles with. He has positives about him too, he's much stronger tougher and genuinely honest than Edwards is but he lacks the skills that Edwards has.

Most of the players we have now are just here for the money. I'm not saying all but most. And at least McGahee was honest that he just hated Buffalo. After the Browns game you had our players with all smiles congratulating the other team like it was no big deal that they just got embarrassed on national TV in front of their home crowd.

However after that game one player stood out as a player who DOES want to win. Lynch probably does on account of how hard he plays but the player I'm talking about is Lee Evans who was one of the only ones who stormed off the field after that Bills loss. For those who think he was just upset because his catch streak ended think again. Pay attention to his words. He has subtly been challenging the offensive playcalling not just on that occasion but just last week against the 49ers. In that horrible loss Evans (who keep in mind is a WIDE RECEIVER) remanded the Bills for not running Lynch in the numerous goal line situations the Bills were in. Pretty much all of the fans said the same thing but Evans showed that at least one Bills player was on the same wavelength as the fans. Evans is a class act so he never goes off to the media, but he definitely is on the side of the average Bills fan. Many may have forgotten thisbut after the preseason game in Toronto, Evans dared to criticizing it saying basically that it wasn't the same as playing in Buffalo and that he was upset that Toronto couldn't even get where he played in college right. Just recently he is the ONLY current bills player to acknowledge that the Bills will lose a bit of an advantage in the Toronto game.

He's a role model and genuinely cares about the community, as well as quietly being one of the best WR in the game. When he scores doesn't spike the ball, he doesn't brag, he doesn't dance or draw attention to himself, he hands the ball to the referee. Even after breaking his huge streak of games with a catch, he took the high road and ran out of there so he didn't say something he'd regret. Players like Evans are why one can never give up hope for this team because he is a winner and he plays to win.

The 90s Bills played to win and were winners.
These Bills the majority of the time play to not lose and are losers.

That's the main difference.

The trajedy was that chance at a season of a lifetime the patriots lose Brady, Farve is available as a free agent the Bills start out on absolute fire, they almost land Tony Gonzalez, and play one of the easiest schedules in franchise history. Everything was going right and the team was full of the best intentions....

...but the road to hell was paved with good intentions and along that path the Bills took another wrong turn. They forgot who they were all those years ago in the cold and the snow beforethe superbowl wins

The time where they played the game in front of one of the most loyal fanbases because they loved it so much. Times that you wish would last forever when you felt the whole world was a snowglobe around Rich stadium. Times when there was no Toronto and there was no Canada and there was nothing else in the whole world except that stadium and that team. The time when Don Beebe ran with all his strength and saved the touchdown. That was Buffalo. The eternal underdog but one that if the earth was turn into ash your last words would be "Go Bills" because you were that proud of those idiots sometimes.

And now we have these Bills. Another kind of that's hard to root for.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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