The aftermath...

There really isn't a positive or happy face we can put on the Buffalo Bill's performances as of late.

As I sat at the bar with a dolphins fan, with a Labatt Blue in one hand and wings in the other, the dolphins fan instead of razzing me even after all the years recently that the bills have beaten the dolphins, he just kinda looked at me and shook his head as the dimly lit television reflected the finality that we both knew would occur. John Paul Losman on the turf and one Joey Porter standing over him.
A sack. A fumble. A final score. A lukewarm crowd. An angry owner. And an ice cold team.

But who was left the coldest even in a fancy dome was the fans of the Buffalo Bills.
You see this wasn't supposed to happen.
None of this was supposed to happen.

Because you see Ralph Wilson has alot to gain from the Toronto series. It was to be an international spectacle. Because the Dolphins were 1-15 last year. That's what the game was said to be when it was inserted into the schedule. A game to showcase the talents of Buffalo against a weak opponent. This game was meant to make Ralph Wilson look good. And purposely meant as a slap across the face to fans of Buffalo who this game means the most too.

But guess what? It backfired. And partially because of greed, and disrespect to one of the most loyal fanbases in professional sports history, both Wilson and his franchise have been made to look like fools. In a little over a week Ted Rogers who Wilson was so interested in selling out to, died without the chance to see his $78 million dollar investment get demolished.

Turns out the joke is on them.
But the joke is also on all of us because we as fans would not believe the bills would DARE to lose this game.

But they did and now someone has to pay the consequences and Ralph Wilson's claw is around the scythe.

But who will be the first to feel his wrath?

Yes Jauron certainly is the most visible figure and has played a part in their collapse, but the problem with axing one individual is that it might be like cutting the heart out of the worm that has 8 hearts.

What makes this especially tricky for Wilson is that the Bills now are an amorphous blob
The most inconsistent team in the national football league. They one week can give up 31 points on defense but yet score 54 or they can give up only 10 but score only 3. Marshawn Lynch can be frothing at the mouth with rage and be unstopable and be more like a dancing kitten the very next week. Every single unit on the team is inconsistent. You heard me right EVERY SINGLE UNIT ON THE BUFFALO BILLS IS INCONSISTANT.

QB: Edwards looking great/Edwards throwing 3 picks in the 1st Quarter
Losman having that beautiful TD to Evans/ Throwing it to Evans in the endzone and getting picked
RB: Jackson and Marshawn generating tons of yards/ being stuffed constantly or fumbling on key downs
WR: Catching everything in site/ failing to get open and dropping passes
TE: Sometimes will block well all three have gotten TDs Royal can get open/ just the pits
OL: Somedays freaking Kirk Chambers even is stopping people/ just awful run blocking missed assignments etc.

DL: Stroud causing havoc and Ryan freaking Denney sacking people/ Ryan Denney being our best pass rusher (which is REALLY REALLY BAD)
LB: Poz tackling everybody Mitchell disrupting everything and breaking the game open/ to both getting burned not being in the right position with Ellison playing mediocre
Secondary: Leodis being a ball hog, Whitner laying hits, McGee and Greer looking elite/ getting burned to a crisp by Chad Pennington who is passing it over their heads

P: Looking like a pro bowler/ Shanking punts constantly
K: From being money from inside 40/ being a choke artist and missing from 20.

One thing that stands out is that Jauron has not made this team disciplined or consistant enough.
And with discipline comes consistancy.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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