Preliminary Mock

You know it's the offseason when....

It's the day after the Super Bowl and I already finished my first mock draft. Criticism welcomed.

I couldn't help myself. This assessment is independent of free agency. In other words, this is how I would address the roster if free agency did not exist. And, honestly, I don't think there is much out there in free agency that would change my mock very much. I know everybody wants to address the offense in the 1st or 2nd round, but I don't think the value is there offensively for either. The WRs and TEs in this draft do not warrant 1st or 2nd round consideration in my opinion. For example, Martin Rucker is considered a 1st-2nd round prospect, but what does he offer that a player like Jacob Tamme does not? Then there are guys like Malcolm Kelly and Limas Sweed, who are not top 10 picks but will be taken very early because of their size. I would rather get a player that you can not resist at the 11th spot than a player that is overrated because of a short (literally) draft class at WR. There will be plenty of big receivers available in rounds 3-5.

  1. Derrick Harvey DE FL (The Bills absolutely need someone to rsuh the passer opposite of Aaron Schobel, I think the Giants proved that last night)
  2. Philip Wheeler LB GT (Philip Wheeler is the fast, hard-hitting, instinctive, and super athletic LB we've searching for on the weak-side. He'll be just as much of a bargain as Poz was in the 2nd round)
  3. Andre Caldwell WR FL (Going to the University of Florida I got to watch Bubba Cladwell quite a bit. He's a smart, clutch WR with great hands and runs great routes. Was definitely the best receiver on that awesome Gator receiving corps)
  4. D.J. Hall WR ALA (Another guy I saw a lot of in the SEC. He's not a burner or physical specimen. He's just a tall guy at 6'3" that has amazing ball skills and is an awesome leaper. Made some pretty average Crimson quaterbacks look really good)
  5. Jacob Tamme TE KY (A Dallas Clark clone. Not a good blocker, but has awesome hands. He could be a perfect weapon if used in the slot or motion)
  6. Tyvon Branch CB CT (Physically capable of playing in the NFL for sure. An aggressive corner that plays the run as well as anybody with almost 90 tackles in 13 games)
  7. Andre Fluellen DT FSU (A very gifted athlete that had a bad senior season, which will cause him to drop. He's undersized but could easily add weight)
  8. Jonathan Hefney S TN (He's not a good prospect at safety at 5'9"... Bob Sanders anyone? Another SEC guy, ironically, that I got to see play a lot. The kid is just awesome. I looked around and most sources have him as a late round prospect or undrafted. I don't know why, if he's there in the 7th he's a no-brainer. Athletic enough to switch to corner)
  9. Jacob Hester TB LSU (I'm sure everybody has seen Hester play. The guy would make a terrific H-back and versatility is his middle name)
Here are some other WRs I considered but did not make the cut. They all have potential, but some of them are just huge targets (Urrutia, Bowman, and Monk). Urrutia and Monk could drop pretty far because their timed speed is not very good, but neither was Marques Colston's.

Jason Rivers
Mario Urrutia
Darius Reynaud
Marcus Monk
Adarius Bowman

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