Three Impact Players and Four 2TAs.

Although I think the Bills will get another player, likely a rook, to compete at the TE position, the Bills seem moderately satisfied with Johnson/Royal/Gaines at TE.  Add in a 3rd or 4th round prospect as well and I'm on board too.  

Royal and Gaines both provide solid blocking ability with some receiving ability as well although neither can get consistent YAC which is what were looking for.  Johnson may develop into that YAC guy we need, and if not, that's why we have the 3rd/4th rook.

I'm satisfied with Poz, Crowell as starters and LOVE DiG, Ellison, and Haggan as depth.  This leaves WLB as a position of need where we must get an impact player.

At DE, I believe we have more talent (not to mention cash) than we do at DT, but both are a need.  Therefore as long as we address one right away and the other in the midrounds or as a midpriced FA, I am indifferent of which position we get our 2nd impact player at.

WR is somewhere where we need an impact player arguably the most.  We cannot grab a player and have him compete with Reed/Price for the #2 spot.  We need a guy to come in and ASSUME that spot and keep Reed in his best position at #3 and Parrish in his best at #4.  I hope the Bills gracefully releases Price this offseason. (unless he's ok playing #4/#5)  This board has already defined criteria needed for this impact WR we need.  

So that's impact #3.  Keep in mind that there is no order or priority to impact #1,2, or 3.  Impacts can be filled though a high priced FA acquisition (Think Walker to Dockery money) or high draft pick.  

After the impacts, we have the 2nd tier of acquisitions. (2TA) They are made up of midpriced FA's and midrounders.  One 2TA already defined is TE and this is insurance should Teyo not be the impact TE we want for TE.  Another 2TA already defined is DE or DT.  This 2TA depends on which position we took with our #2 impact player, and since there is no preference, it could be either.

After that, we have two more 2TAs.  One to potentially compete with Fowler at C and possibly Butler at RG.  At worst he may serve as some beefier depth along that inner line.  Then we also have CB, preferably with good height that can serve to backup/play on the outside and move McGee/Greer to slot at times with their quickness.

The Bills also need a Marcus Price type vet at T to backup both spots.  I would shudder if it was a rookie; we need a low priced vet who won't pancake anyone but has good technique and experience and can hold up for short periods of a season.  Add in a backup QB here if you think JP's gone and Hamdan can't cut it lol.

So to sum that all up, here's the checklist we can use when Bills FO makes their moves this offseason:
1a. WR
1b. WLB
1c. DT or DE

2a. TE
2b. DE or DT (other)
2c. C/RG
2d. CB

3a. Backup LT/RT (HAS to be FA)
3b. Backup QB

BAM!  And there ya go!  Personally, I'd like to see us grab Corey Williams or Starks immediately, draft Rivers, trade back up using a 3rd for Sweed and then grab a recieving TE or a speed rush specialist DE with the other 3rd.  
Needs = GONE! :D

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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