This is the current roster as it stands, as far as I can tell.  If I'm missing anybody, please let me know.  By my account, this leaves the team at 46 players for a 53 man roster.  I'll address my needs within the [  ]'s...

Trent Edwards
J.P. Losman
Gibran Hamdan
[As much as I like JP, we all know he probably won't be back next season.  Sometimes, a player just has to move on.  I'd expect them to fill his void with a vet that we're all going to hope never has to play.]

Tight Ends
Robert Royal
Teyo Johnson
Derek Schoumann
[There is a need here.  I don't think Teyo is going to be the answer, and I think Schoumann is more of a H-back kind of guy, rather than a true FB (which goes against a drunken argument I made with someone in a previous post).  I think they'll bring in someone prominent, whether it is through the draft or FA.]

Running Backs
Marshawn Lynch
Fred Jackson
Dwayne Wright
[No need to address anything here.  I'm still high on Wright, and really liked what Jackson did last year.]

That guy they just signed
[And maybe Schoumann?  They'll get someone here.  Maybe you.]

Wide Receivers
Lee Evans
Josh Reed
Roscoe Parrish
Peerless Price
[I think they'll end up with an injury settlement with Price.  That leaves a need for at least two WRs.  Maybe Justin Jenkins takes over Sam Aiken's place as a special team's guy who doesn't see the field on offense.  I say they'll address this spot, and probably more than once.]

Derrick Dockery
Brad Butler
Duke Preston
[Not crazy about Duke Preston.  I think I'd rather see Jason Whittle resigned (from what he says, it's almost a done deal).  They might try and add a developmental guy here; someone who can play G/C.]

Jason Peters
Langston Walker
Kirk Chambers
[I'm okay with this group.  I think the only way they upgrade it is if they see someone that is a real big improvement - on a team with so many needs, I don't see that happening.  I would be proactive here, and approach Peters about another extension.]

Melvin Fowler
Duke Preston
[Preston - see above.  I'd be happy to see an improvement on Fowler.]

Aaron Schobel
Chris Kelsay
Ryan Denney
[These guys aren't the answer, and neither is/was Hargrove.  But, these three are serviceable, signed, and experienced.  There is a need here for another quality player, considering how they like to rotate.  They will address this spot.]

John McCargo
Larry Tripplett
Kyle Williams
[Obviously, with only three guys signed (sorry - Corey Mace doesn't count here), they will add to the talent level here.  I would approach Kyle Williams on a contract extension.  Get him cheap now.]

Outside LBs
Angelo Crowell
Keith Ellison
Coy Wire
[I'd be surprised if they don't add someone rather substantial here.  I like Ellison and Wire as depth guys, as well as special teams.]

Middle LBs
John DiGiorgio
[Really no need for anything here.]

Terrence McGee
Jabari Greer
Ashton Youboty
Jerametrius Butler
[This all depends on what they think of Youboty going in to next year.  If they think he's finally on track, they can grab a developmental guy.  If they think he's a bust, they have to spend some resources on a quality CB.  Either way, they have to add somebody.  I'd also extend Greer to a modest extension.  See Kyle Williams up above.]

Strong Safety
Donte Whitner
Bryan Scott
John Wendling
[No needs.  I like Wendling.  I'll bet he improves a bunch this offseason.]

Free Safety
Jim Leonhard
Ko Simpson
George Wilson
[They like Leonhard.  I like Simpson.  We all like George Wilson's story.  No need here.]

Rian Lindell

Brian Moorman

Ryan Neill
[Why did they get rid of the magic trick guy, or last year's Pro Bowl snapper?]

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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