The BEST part about all this is..

1.  At 11, we stuck to our guns and had the pick of the litter from the CBs.  To those who said, "I wish we had gotten DRC, Jenkins, et al.,"  You have to understand professional scouts scrutinized EVERY comparable CB, including DRC, came to a clear concensus on who the top dog was, and went with that pick.  It doesn't get better than that.  I was anti-CB the whole time leading up to the draft, but after Harvey was taken, and it became clear the Bills were sticking at 11 and not trading down, I just could not bring myself to say they should pick a WR in Thomas, Sweed, or Kelly.

2. At 41, we held our position and got to pick from the Big 3 WRs in the draft.  Thomas went at 36 and there was nothing we could have done about that (Unless you wanted to burn another 3rd, which I didn't).  But let me say that again, in the second round, we stayed at 41 and got to take our pick from the 3 of the best WRs in the draft.  So we weighed one against the other, decided on the best prospect, and went with it.  It simply doesn't get any better than that.

3. We did not lose our grip and trade up from 41.

I felt we did this last year with Poz as we would have either had him or Harris available at our original spot.  Of course, no one thought he'd drop and he was very high on our board, but it did cost us an extra early 3rd. again although we still would have likely taken Edwards there anyways, we lost out on a 3rd round prospect.  With our tremendous need at WR, I was amazed at how we did not panic in the latter part of round 1 and trade up to get a WR.  I would have gladly spent an extra 3rd to guarentee that I could pick from Sweed, Kelly, and Hardy, but the Bills knew better and let all 3 fall right to them.  This way, they got to pick the best of the 3, AND still save that ultra-valuable 3rd round selection.

To review
- Cream of the crop at CB and Size WRs
- Saved 3rd round pick by not trading up

Because of these three factors, and most importantly, given the events the Bills could not control (a la Jags taking Harvey), in my book the Bills earn an emphatic A for the day.  Congratulations Buffalo, I have not been this satisfied from the first day ever.  Last years day 1 turned out amazing, but as it happened, I was not nearly as happy as I maybe should have been.  This time around has been great.

An outlook for tomorrow (today)

Looking for the Bills to address
before secondary needs like WR, DT, LB, and S

Although the Bills may go with a value pick like LB Connor or DT Bryant, I'd like to see them get a player like Rucker, Avril, or Ellis.  I also believe that they are more satisfied with Fowler than 95% here, including me.  Therefore, look for them to address the backup OT position in the 4th or 5th rounds. If we can get out with a starting CB, WR, and TE and depth at DE, OL, and WR, I will be more than satisfied.  Good luck Buffalo!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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