Draft Grades - A Fan's Perspective

I took a look at the drafts of every team tonight and gave out some rough grades. The grades are based on the value, impact, and character of the players chosen. I was critical of the Bills (demoting them from an A+ to a B+) because they allowed CLE to jump ahead of them and take Martin Rucker, and thus I raised Cleveland's grade for the smooth move. There are no failing grades in the draft because everybody helps their football team. However, there were a few teams out there that just make you scratch your head. I did not penalize teams for a lack of picks or where they picked.


A's : These teams generally snagged players that will have immediate impact

KC -  A+

Carolina - A+

Cleveland - A

GB - A

NO - A-

Oakland - A-

Pittsburgh - A-

SF - A-

Seattle - A-

B's : These made good picks but a little less quality than A teams

Buffalo - B+

Cincy - B+

Miami - B+

Vikes - B+

NYG - B+

Arizona - B

Baltimore - B


Philly - B

Detroit - B-

Chicago - B-

Indy - B-

Cheatriots - B-

Tampa - B-

Skins - B-

C's: Narf

Atlanta - C+

Dallas - C+

Denver - C+

Houston - C+

SD - C+

St. Louis - C+

Titans - C+

Jax - C


I feel the Bills weren't quite aggressive enough with their Day Two picks. They had three 7th rounders and took a chance that Rucker would fall to them. Instead we ended up with Derrick Fine in the same round. We could have had a dynamic receiving TE, let's hope Fine is a find. To me, it doesn't seem like he has much more to offer than Schouman, with the exception of route-running. If the Bills had been able to get Rucker, it would have been a solid A+ draft for them because they would have gotten better value for Corner later in the 4th and would not have been picking below the drop-off line at TE. In the end you have to props to Cleveland because they knew we needed a TE and we would take if he was there. One of my favorite picks is Ace Bowen. He's one of those guys who just produces (155 tackles as a junior!!). After a couple of years getting stronger/bigger, he may be an awesome player on our weak side. Steve Johnson was also a solid pick-up.


I know a lot of people thought Connor would have been better value than Chris Ellis, but that's only because of hype. Connor is a good prospect, but Chris Ellis has the potential to be a 10+ sack guy. If he had been more consistent in college he would have been taken ahead of Harvey, that's for sure. The sky is the limit for him.


Undrafted Free Agents the Bills MUST take a look at:

WR - DJ Hall

QB - Sam Keller

RB - Jehuu Caulcrick

RB - Danny Woodhead

WR - Adarius Bowman?

WR - Darius Reynaud

WR - Jason Rivers

G - Fernando Velasco

DE - Darrell Robertson

LB - Ezra Butler

LB - Vince Hall

LB - Danny Lansanah

LB - Wesley Woodyard

S - Tony Joiner

Players in bold are of utmost priority.





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