Quiet Day On The Boards

Time to start a ruckus.... Actually, how about a rousing round of guess the final record?

The Bills open the season against the Shaun Alexander-less Seahawks. Stroud gives us early hope and helps shut down their run game on route to a close win. (1-0)

Buffalo then travels to Jacksonville. Stroud is booed lustily by the hometown crowd and is a non-factor against one of the NFL's better rushing attacks. Edwards gets hurt and Losman doesn't do any better than his last trip to Jacksonville. (1-1)

The Bills host the Raiders. McFadden dazzles and Russell's last gasp 50 yard TD bomb doesn't count because he threw it while on his knees with Schobel wrapped around his waist. Losman doesn't lose the game. (2-1)

The Bills then travel to St Louis. Chris Long gets taken to school by Peters and Dock. Losman turns in a very good performance against a weak secondary. (3-1)

Buffalo then travels to Arizona. I make the trip, too, and watch the bleary eyed Bills' secondary get beaten silly by Bouldin and Fitz. Losman can't string 3 wins together. (3-2) 

After the bye the Chargers come to Buffalo and LT runs wild. Edwards is back in the lineup despite Losman going 2-1 but it doesn't matter. (3-3)

In danger of falling below .500 the Bills get to go to Miami. (4-3)

The Bills next get the Jets at home. The horde of free agents signed by Man-not-a-genius hasn't learned to work as a unit and Buffalo rolls to an impressive win. (5-3) 

Feeling confident that the "Buffalo hasn't made the playoffs since the advent of sliced bread" ticker on ESPN's draft coverage will at last be retired the Bills almost pull out a win in Foxboro. (5-4)

The Browns limp into Buffalo and the Bills make clear that their 2007 season was a fluke. (6-4)

Buffalo flies to KC and gets sweet revenge for all of those poundings the team suffered in Arrowhead in the 90s. (7-4)

The 49ers come to Buffalo. The Bills try really hard to lose the game but Alex Smith is determined not to finish on top. (8-4)

Buffalo has a 'home game' in Toronto against the Dolphins. The crowd is wild, even if they think each team is cheating by staying on the field for four downs. (9-4)

Buffalo heads to New Jersey. Unaccustomed to the thick air the team is sluggish and, to make matters worse, the Jets' free agency splurge has started to pay off. (9-5)

Buffalo flies to Denver thinking playoffs. Moorman gets crushed on a fake punt late in the 4th and the Broncos steal the win. (9-6)

The Patriots come to town. With the final playoff spot still on the line the Bills get crushed....kind of like the vicious beating the Bills have taken 4-5 years in a row in their second game with the Pats. (9-7)

9-7 and another year of ESPN's irritating ticker. To make matters worse, I'll go out on another limb and suggest that the Cards make the playoffs leaving only the Bills and Lions as the only teams to not play a January game this millenium. Damn. And it's a pretty soft looking schedule...

What are your predictions?

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