Night Practice - 7/29

These are my observations, position by position

O-Line - Frankly, I did not notice alot of what they did on the field, in terms of winning battles, etc. I did see that the pocket collapsed a few times, although the majority of the time, the qbs having good/decent protection most of the night. There were some times when the pocket was flushed, but it was very apparent that it was not "full go" at Bills camp in some respects.

Random note: Brad Butler's stance is interesting as his ass is pretty low to the ground, especially for how tall he is. 

All around the players look good.

D-Line - Stroud is tall, fit and agile. Kyle Williams seems intrenched as the starter. He must have shown this coaching staff alot in terms of development to do so. However, when you look at McCargo, you can see clearly that we are talking about two different athletes. McCargo is shorter like Williams, but his body and legs seem abit different in terms of how he stands, as his lower legs almost bow out under the pressure of his upper body which is very stout. Again, I did not watch close enough to see how each gets out of there stance, but as for Williams, he seems to be in good shape and a little bulkier muscle wise. Spencer Johnson is taller than both Williams and McCargo and seems very athletic. Again, just to make it clear, the practice setting is not one to get a full picture of what these guys are capable of from a complete perspective. Just another vindication for the need for pre-season to evaluate talent in terms of who to keep, and also has something to say for star players, who put alot of work into staying in shape and being mentally ready, but who are professionals and no how to conduct themselves during practice so to keep up there durability in the trenches. Didn't notice much of Ellis either.


TEs - Schouman is the starter. And he looks good. Solid routes, good hands, good body size. He is a smaller TE, but he is lining up at TE and FB, making catches, and blocks pretty well for what I've seen. He also has good speed and quickness. Royal seems unspectacular and runs with the second string. Courtney Anderson is tall and moves well, but I did not get a great look at him, but did see him and Schouman on the field together so it could be a red flag for Royal's demise. Fine ran with the thirds and seemed like a rookie.

RBs - Lynch is the best player on the field. He just is and that is that. On a nice intermediate pattern a ball bounced of his chest pretty badly, like he had stone hands, but that was his only bad play. He runs hard and close to the ground. He is fluid in his movement, and he has great size. Wouldn't be surprised if he added at least 5 - 10 lbs. His blocking is also improved as he got right into Kawika Mitchell and seemed very strong in engagement. He also caught some good swing passes and split out wide at least once. He seems to carry himself like a star player, and is hands down the most athletic of the backs. Fred Jackson looked pretty. He has a knack for catching the ball, but I would have to say from what we heard before today, tonight may have been a less impactful night for him. Wright seems smaller than Lynch, but pretty quick and low to the ground. Perhaps his height make him seem smaller. And Omon showed a willingness to take on defender. Omon and Wright both coughed up the ball. FB Barnes seems like a good football player. While his horse caller may be deceiving, he looks big and intimidating out there, has good strength in his blocks and has good hands out of the backfield. I'd say he is a good pick up for this team at this point.


LBs - Kawikia Mitchell is big, fast, and scary looking. With the long hair out the back and the tinted visor he looks like the predator out there. On one play, Ellison was in the wrong position and tried to tell Mitchell where to go, but Mitchell corrected in him in what seemed like a quick burst of veteran leadership, or at least a better player exalting his trumping power over the younger and lesser player in Ellison. Either way, that has made our team much, much better. Not sure if Crowell was there, and that is perhaps why Ellison was in there, but it may have been just a player i missed. Posluszney seems good, but I did not get a good luck at all he was doing or the other players, except to say that now more than ever, DiGorgio and Ellison look extra small with Mitchell out there. Bowen also seems like a very good athlete.

WRs - Evans, Reed, Parrish all seem solid. Hardy needs to polish up, but he also looked good besides one drop in a drill i saw. He is very tall, and was able to also just take a ball in traffic that I saw. Out of the rest, Steve johnson looks good, and the rest are only okay. So that may be a early prediction to keep five receivers, and maybe two on the practice squad, so to leave way for an extra TE or something else.

Secondary - McGee looks solid. Greer looks very quick and good on the ball. Youboty seems good, and so does Will James, although I did see James get beat. I think McGee had an int but I might be wrong, and I think Greer may have too. McKelvin seems like he showed up late, but looked pretty solid in drills and running with the second team with James. But like I said, Youboty seems good in drills and looks to have bulked up. Reggie Corner looks like a rookie out there, but he also seems good. That might then be an extra player to have, giving us six corners, McGee, Greer, James, McKelvin, Youboty, and Corner. That's if we only keep five wideouts on the active and Youboty or corner plan to make good on Special Teams.

Did get to much of a look at the safeties, but did see Wendling make a play or two, and Whitner had solid coverage. When 11-on-11 started, Ko Simpson was excused from the rest of practice and perhaps Chris Brown has something on that.

QBs - Edwards had a solid night, but not without his problems. He threw a couple balls into the dirt, and did not get a good throw on a roll out when flushed out of the pocket. However, for the most part, he completed probably 70-80% of his passes on the night and did seem to be still improving, trying to get certain things down, while also hitting good targets when given the opportunity. For small period of time it seemed all the qbs including Edwards were just checking down one after another, as they aired it out not so frequently. I think there was some good coverage though. I wouldn't say an off night for the offense, but it was a "regular" night let's say, with nothing spectacularly good  or bad. Jp did not practice because of his thumb, and donned a "trade me beard" as he watched the practice. Hamden seems okay and actually the other qb, Baker seemed okay as well, but neither seemed that great.


Overall - a very ho-hum practice, but a nice night and I left not knowing if we were going to be 11-5, 5-11, or 8-8; just that it is getting closer and thats good enough for me.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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