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Take a few moments and wander over to and check out the little video Chris Brown put together for his UFA segment. A couple of things stood out when I watched it.

First, I think CB and Losman are buds. He phrases Losman's imminent departure as a quest for a starting role somewhere else in the league. Losman may hold out hope of going to a team and trying to compete for a starting gig but I can't see any team just handing him the job.

Second, he talked about Preston in positive terms. Specifically, he talked about how Preston improved down the stretch. I don't know that he did but let's assume for the moment that CB is right. Differing degrees of bad just aren't going to cut it. I think CB believes (knows?) Buffalo will be keeping Preston. That's certainly newsworthy, given Wilson's recent statements. If Preston stays--particularly if he heads to OTAs and/or camp penciled in as the starter--then we will know all we need to know about what to expect in 2009. We will also know for certain that nothing really happened at all in those inner-circle meetings. After all, we're talking about a guy Levy called out 3 years ago....and a guy who responded by getting benched.

Third, CB lumped Fowler in with Whittle, McIntyre and Lehman as guys that Buffalo really doesn't want to re-sign. I've been driving the Dump Fowler bandwagon for going on two years now so this was a heartening bit of news. However, the Bills damn well better not cast of Fowler, retain Preston and call it good. Shooting the wounded after the battle is over doesn't get the army ready for the next fight. By the way, I was also delighted that McIntyre was part of the list of certain cast-offs. Whittle is the kind of guy who Buffalo can probably call during the year if the injury bug hits because I doubt anyone else picks him up.

Fourth, he talked about extending Chambers. To me this was positive news. Chambers isn't great by any stretch of the imagination but he is versatile. I think he's depth of reasonable quality and I also think he'd be fairly cheap to re-sign to a 3 or 4 year deal.

Fifth, CB sounds downright hopeful about the Bills re-signing Crowell. Like many here, I don't think he's a terrific LB but he's a steady presence. I don't know that anyone would answer Ellison if asked whether Ellison or Crowell should start. CB makes it sound like Crowell knows that the big money ship has sailed without him and that he's willing to sign a reasonable deal.

Sixth, CB makes it sound like Greer is a certain goner. I don't see anyone being dumb enough to pay him $8 million a year but I do think that several teams will outbid the Bills. Besides, with McGee, a developing McKelvin and an improved Youboty on the roster does Buffalo really need him? Yes, you can never have too many good DBs and we don't want to see Fox on the roster next season. However, with the amount of money and draft picks the Bills have devoted to DBs I see Greer as a luxury that Buffalo can't afford. You know, like urinals in the Ralph instead of giant troughs.

So, who should the Bills try to re-sign? We're talking re-signing to reasonable deals, not crazy market driven Greer isn't one of the options. I also didn't make any of the 4 guys CB says Buffalo has no interest in re-signing options either.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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