The Grass is Always Greener

This playoff season has been nothing short of interesting with the Chargers, Ravens and Cards making things very interesting.

With all these teams we can make the case for why they did something right and why the Bills are not like them and are at home. But I really haven't seen anything in the playoffs to show that the Bills are off track. The teams that were supposed to win because they were built perfectly fell, Colts, Titans and most importantly Panters. Things always look great on the other side but then we see that it is all perception. The great teams now seem ordinary and the okay teams now look golden. The Ravens now seem like the perfect team, San Diego is how it should be done, and the Cards will now be the new blueprint.

In the past few playoff games, I've noted quite a few dumb calls that many of us suggest only Bills coaches are capable off. Not being in the Buffalo area any longer I get to watch many other teams and there is no shortage of head scratcher calls week in week out. The Bills coaches have not cornered the market on game day management issues. That is problem with every team. The key is having mature players who can collaborate or partner with the coaches and herd cats while on the field. We are slowly developing these leaders in Edwards, Poz, and Whitner.

I've been a supporter of Jauron and believe that this team as is, is actually very good, it's just a very young team and we have no depth. After watching the Cardinals today, I finally settled in to something I'd been thinking. You win with who you are and not by trying to be someone else. This is what I like about Jauron. You feel like there is a plan and he is molding a team to play a style of football and not trying to copy some other model somewhere.

The Cardinals are wining with their brand of football. They are winning by being who they are. The Ravens and Chargers are the same way. They play within themselves and utilize their strengths. The coaching has been good but not exceptional. These teams are simply not turning the ball over, limiting mistakes, and playing smart. Brian has mentioned that this team is not yet playing Dick Jauron football and I agree. I hope we can stop focusing on how everyone else has a great GM, or coach, or system, or anything, and how horrible our coaches are, etc, and focus on building on what we have.

We are very close and we should be encouraged that going into this draft and FA season, that we are talking about filling holes and upgrading and not about a team in complete disarraying and total rebuilding mode.

And how about Norv Turner. This is a guy with a 77-95 head coaching record. and has had an incredible season with the Chargers. I look at him and see DJ written all over him, stoic demeanour, great coordinator type with no success in multiple head coaching stops. Now, the Chargers have a legit shot at the Superbowl. This could be us soon. The San Diego crowd has had the same issues we've had with DJ, but, at least for a season, they have a lot to be happy about.

Anyway, the grass is always greener for winning teams. But the only way the grass gets green for us is if we stick with our thing and not try to be or want everything else.  We have a formula in place and we just need to see it through.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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