A crazy idea or shrewd move?

I had posted this on another thread but I can't attach a poll there. So...

Buffalo actually can get Suggs or Peppers. (The earlier thread was Suggs but Peppers might be a good choice as well.) It will just take stupid money.

However, the Bills handed out (effectively) $13 million per year for at least 2 years on the first day of free agency not that long ago. (Dock $7 million per year for 7, Walker $5 million per year for 5, and about $1 million for Whittle for 2 years) Years-wise Whittle actually drags down the average. If you consider that Buffalo will be paying someone about $1 million a year to take Whittle’s spot the notoriously cheap (Eyeroll) Bills laid out $13 million per year for 5 years. Granted, that was for 3 guys and two starters.

Instead of dinking and dunking with mid-level free agents or chasing 2 or 3 different big names OBD might consider going after just one guy with the kind of offer that will have the league believing that Ralph Wilson is channeling the financial madness of Al Davis. Basically, OBD can present the kind of offer that will have Suggs lunging for the nearest writing implement. It wouldn't necessarily have to be $13 million per year. For the purpose of this post, let's call the theoretical offer about $12 million per year for 5 years as we know Wilson is willing to lay out that kind of cash.

The Bills would then be free to drop from #11, something that should be possible as many people seem to believe that there really aren’t more than a dozen or so real difference makers in this draft. In theory Buffalo could drop to the end of the first round and possibly add a 2nd round pick. From what I saw of the Senior Bowl most of the interior linemen will be there at the end of the first so Buffalo will still get a starting quality C….and possibly another C at #42.

Oh, and the money the Bills would save signing the #28ish pick vs the #11 pick would help offset the enormous contract given to Suggs or Peters…making it seem not quite so outlandish. Specifically, McKelvin is made just under $7 million while the 28th pick (Lawrence Jackson, Seattle) made $3.6 million. That's a savings of $3.5 million that can be used to offset the $12 million for Peppers/Suggs...making it feel more like $9 million for Peppers/Suggs.

To put it another way:

Peppers/Suggs ($12 million) and the 28th pick (about $4 million) will run about $16 million, and add either a 2nd round or 3rd round pick and some change. Lets assume it's a 2nd rounder, the 59th selection. So, the grand total for Peppers/Suggs ($12), the 28th pick ($4), the 42nd pick ($2.9) and 59th pick ($2.2) would be around $21.1 million.

The #11 pick (about $7.5 million) and a FA DE like Berry (at least $6 million) will cost Buffalo about $13.5 million. Assuming no trades, the 42nd pick would be about $4 million, bringing the total to $17.5 million

We're talking $3.6 million difference between the two approaches. Option A gets Suggs/Peppers and 3 picks in the first two rounds. Option B gets Berry and 2 picks in the first two rounds. Which would you rather have?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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