Bills v. Brown, Sounds of the Game

I gotta say I was stoked for this one. I like the one o'clock starts. I like to workout Sunday afternoons in the basement watching the game. Put some extra plates on because it's the Bills and Randy Cross is calling this one. I like Randy, he usually does a good job with the commentary. The following are the notes I made.

Not much happening in the early going. Don says "Great defense by the Browns." Holy crap. Our offense can make anyone look good.

Jenkins penalty killed a good play downing the ball inside the five. Penalties, penalties.

Edwards is getting time to throw the ball, but his accuracy sucks. He got away with a terrible pass near our own endzone that SHOULD have been a really quick pick six for Cleveland.

I used to think Edwards was at least a smart QB. Not anymore. What's with taking the sack on third down that takes them out of field goal range? He KNEW the blitz was coming. He KNEW the only thing he HAD to do was avoid taking the sack. Throw the damn thing away!

Penalties, penalties. Don says "Another flag, and we know who that's on." Oh, we sure do.

Sprint Halftime show. J. B. asks Dan to talk about the Bills game:


Dan: "Hey this is a bad football game."

*More laughter*

Dan: "Is this the NFL?"

*Louder laughter*

Back to the game.

Penalties, penalties.

Randy: "These are supposedly professional football teams." Don: "This gets coaches fired. At some point there's accountability somewhere." You think?

So Jauron goes for a field goal. Buffalo Rumblers might hate this. I dunno. It's a 3-0 game.

Royal drops an easy pass from Anderson. Don: "Royal is usually a good receiver." Uh-huh.

3rd Quarter starts. We've got the wind. If we're going to light it up, now's the time to do it.

Don: "False start on the Bills. We've heard that song before."

Randy: "Hard to maintain any feel or rhythm when you're going backward all the time."

Edwards throws a ball at his receiver's feet. Randy: "I'm very unimpressed with the short-range accuracy of both these quarterbacks."

Both the announcers sound bored out of their skulls. This new movie "Law Abiding Citizen" looks like crap. But maybe that's just because everything looks like crap to me now.

Buggs goes down. "More snakebit luck for the Bills." But the defense is playing well, damn it!

Anderson has a 4.9 QB rating, and we're TIED!

Admittedly, Cleveland's receivers can't catch. It's not all on Anderson. Not even most of it.

Edwards overthrows Owens. Again. Looks for a flag, but the ball was uncatchable. Would have got a flag if it had been thrown somewhere in the right neighbourhood.

Another ball downed within the five by Cleveland. Our offense sucks. Our special teams suck. People want to replace Jauron with Bobby April? Are you kidding me? How well is his unit playing?

Even that new Budd Light ad, the one with Budd fighting the giant squid, sucks. Boy does it suck.

The announcers are calling for Edwards to throw it to open receivers WHILE THE PLAY IS HAPPENING! But he doesn't. They are mystified.

This is the worst defense in the league we're playing. Remember that.

Don: "A win would put the Bills at 2-3 and back in the race." Ho-ho.

Parrish running backward. What's up with that?

Another ball downed within the five. They are kicking our ass on special teams. Randy: "This is a special teams clinic." Is Bobby April taking notes?

Parrish muffs one. That should be it.

Wrap up: Last week in a fan post I suggested we might be one of the worst five teams in the league. I don't think anyone can argue that now. Maybe we're better than Oakland and St. Louis. That's it. Defense is doing great considering how banged up they are. Can't believe both Mitchell and Buggs went down today and we still kept it close. But both special teams and offense are dreadful. I mean, I can't believe how bad they are playing.  As remarked on by both Marino and  Cross, they don't even look like professional units.

This team is in trouble. You can forget about rebuilding through the draft, too. We need real help next year (and yeah, I'm thinking next year). The kind of help that costs money. Otherwise . . .

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