Building A Winning Organization

This is my first post on Buffalo Rumblings, but I have been reading for quite some time and I want to thank Brian and everyone else for continuous input on the team we all love to watch.  That being said…

Former Packer GM Ron Wolf wrote the book “The Packer Way:  Nine Stepping Stones to Building a Winning Organization”.  If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend it.

This is what Ralph Wilson needs, he needs a copy of this book, and then he needs to hire the next Ron Wolf who will execute the book on the Bills Organization.

Those of you who said firing Dick Jauron today may not be the solution, then you are correct.  This team needs a GM, not a Marketing Wiz who shares GM responsibilities, who is running the show and then the end of the Jauron era and other important moves will follow; and now for our 9 Steps:

1 – Identify what needs to be fixed
2 – Hire the best, before anyone else does
3 – Develop an obsession with winning today
4 – Play to your strengths
5 – Use the Four C’s to Measure Performance
6 – Making it work
7 – Keeping it going
8 – Handling the unexpected
9 – Staying on top

1 – What needs to be fixed?
1st and foremost, Ralph Wilson needs to hire a General Manager who can start tomorrow and begin evaluating every aspect of this organization.  Employees at One Bills Drive are too comfortable in their positions, it’s time to put the organization on notice by bringing in a new face from outside to evaluate every aspect of this team and it will be up to each employee to earn their job.  This starts with Russ Brandon and filters down to the water boy.

In my opinion, things that need to be fixed before we get to the players:
- GM needs to be hired
- Head Coach needs to be replaced
- Offensive Coordinator needs to go or Offensive System needs to be revamped, the no-huddle is not working
- Defensive Philosophy needs to change, you need to pressure the QB, I’ve seen enough of this bend don’t break defense, I’m not a fan of the Tampa 2 Defense, just my opinion…

2 – Hire the best, before anyone else does:
In Ron Wolf’s case, he traded for some guy named Brett Favre and hired a coach named Mike Holmgren.  If Ralph ever steps up and hires a Real GM, then this GM will need to go out and get a coach and the players that can get the job done, no more taking the cheap road.  (Obviously this will never happen because Ralph is too cheap, but I’m just thinking out load)

3 – Develop an obsession with winning today:
When was the last time Dick Jauron made a decision in game where it actually looked like he was trying to win the game?

I don’t want to ramble on by touching on each stepping stone, but I do look forward to hearing other perspectives on building a winning organization.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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