A few thoughts on this season so far.

With the Bills sitting at 1-4, and the season looking awash, I decided to look back at the draft and when they fielded this roster, and have come up with a list of some things that this coaching staff/organization could have don differently.

(1.) With all of the injuries and how the Bills have been snake-bitten, I wonder if they should have kept more linebackers on the original roster, rather than keep 11 defensive backs. But of course, even the secondary has suffered through it's rash of injuries. But with Jon Corto and Ashlee Palmer now starting, obviously the Bills deserve to be second-guessed.

(2.) Why not give the backup, Ryan Fitzapatrick, a chance instead of Edwards. It seems like the offense needs a jolt of caffeine to get going, Edwards has overthrown T.O. several times, and all of his checking down has probably confused our inexperienced offensive line. Especially with 8 illegal procedure penalties against the Browns. The Chiefs started Tyler Thigpen last year and the 49ers have been successfull with Shaun Hill, who filled in for starters.

(3.) Where Bills fans really deceived into thinking this team was that much better than last year with the acqusition of T.O., especially when we had a tougher schedule, had such an inexperienced offensive line, and still had Jauron as coach.

(4.) Aaron Maybin - He would have been a junior at Penn State this year, and still might turn out to be an exceptional talent in the near future. But so far, Orakpo is playing well for the Skins, Brian Cushing leads the Texans in tackles, Mike Oher is grading out as best tackle for the Ravens, and even Everette Brown has his first sack last week for CArolina. Only time will tell if this Bills draft turns out to be a good one. I do like Levitre and Wood, but Maybin has a way to go.

(5.) It seems like since Marshawn Lynch has returned, the offense has been worse. I actually think they should trade Lynch and make Fred Jackson their full-time running back, especially with his off-field problems. They can still draft a rookie running back in the draft next year. Pierre Thomas, Ahmad Bradshaw, are just a few no-name running backs that have evolved into exceptional running backs.

(6.) And yes, it is time to get a good General Manager in her first, rather than a coach. Look at the Steelers and Ravens as prime examples of teams that win because of great drafts. Tomlin has replaced Cowher and the Steelers have not skipped a beat.

(7.) Eleven years now without making the playoffs. The longest in Bills history. Obviously, for a Bills fan it has been a tough and agonizing road to even look like a decent football team. Even with the 7-9 records, the Bills do not have an explosive offense, dominating defense, and most of the highlights have come from our special teams.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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