Panthers latest victims of Bovine Flu

The insidious bovine flu W7L9 (detailed here) has struck the Carolina Panthers after they ignored Buffalo Rumbling's warning to wear surgical masks to the game.

Last week's bout received the "Game of the Weak" moniker from NFL LIVE crew on ESPN (as did Jets-Bills and most likely Browns-Bills)
ESPN AFC east blogger Tim Graham speculated that the Buffalo Bills may have been involved in the 3 worst games in the NFL this year.

The Bovine Flu has primarily attacked Quarterbacks in these last 3 weeks.
Jake Delhomme, who had already suffered various symptoms of the flu, immediately felt the effects.

More disturbing however is the fact that the Bovine Flu simply cannot explain all of the abnormalities that have occurred since that devastating loss against Miami. After that game according to a few rumors Ralph Wilson immediately got on a golf cart and sped off to the Bills locker room. What happened in that locker room was never reported but I believe through Mr.Wilson's actions, somehow a portal to the Bizarro Bills Realm was opened. In this distorted and twisted land, the team that in general plays better, and who out gains their opponent by a large number of yards, IS THE LOSER!

Teams who try to break the rules of this realm are met with misfortune coming in the form of muffed punts(Buffalo and Carolina) or interceptions(New York and Carolina.)

As for the Bills, they are playing insane. And I don't mean insane as in insanely good or insanely bad I mean it in terms of being mouth foaming insane.

They are 13th in points given up which is pretty good, 24th in yards given up which is terrible, 10th in pass yards given up, and the worst team in the NFL against the run. They constantly give up huge chunks of yards, they gave up something like 400 yards (produced less than 200) but only gave up 9  points. Against the Jets they had over 300 yards rushing against them and barely any offensive production and they won. How often is that done?

And then you see the interceptions and see that the next best team is 5 behind them in the AFC. Delhomme certainly throws alot, but they have picked a whole range of QBs this year. Legendary QBs, Terrible QBs, Rookie QBs, Veteran QBs. In a 7 game span they have gone after everybody.

This team is in defiance of all statistics. They are 15th in the league in rushing which which is average but yet they just got their 1st rushing touchdown.

They have been inconsistent many years but this year they are outright just broken and disturbed in so many ways. I tell you people that the Jets and Panthers game the Bills have no business winning. The odds of the other team losing with as many yards as they piled up compared to the chicken scraps the bills are throwing together make are miraculous. To pick off another QB no matter how bad they are that many times, is something that happens once in a very long time, or never for a few teams. What has happened the last 3 weeks to the Bills is something that science and reason can never explain. There are games that have been an aberration. The Broncos-Bengals miracle play this year, the Dallas game a few year ago against the Cowboys, both of them were bizarre and unlikely but these 3 weeks have been quite the trip. So keep watching, and keep praying that the bizzare keeps happening, as the Bills have finally learned how to win in strange circumstances, and even if they lose, they are sure to entertain. The Texans may have immunity to the virus anyway seeing as next weeks match up will be the battle of the cows and bison.

2 Quick and Fun stats:
Only 1 WR has a Touchdown against Buffalo's Defense: a rookie with Miami named Brian Hartline
The most bizarro stat of all is that Kyle Orton still only has 1 pick, thrown to Randy Moss

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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