Just how bad are we, relatively speaking?

Are we the worst team in the league?

Probably not. I haven't seen Oakland play yet this year, but from everything I've read they're a joke, with no hope for the future either. And the noises out of St. Louis and Detroit aren't great either. Also, we did beat one team: Tampa Bay.

Beyond that, things are murkier. I have seen Cleveland play a couple of games. That team has some talent. Their problems seem to have more to do with Mangini and what he's done to team morale. KC also looks bad on paper, but (just like last year) they seem to be playing hard. Their defense was really getting pressure on Manning all day yesterday. Not that it did them any good, but still. Jury's still out on Cassell, but I honestly think they've got a promising young team. Tennessee is winless too, and that's just plain weird. Point is, we may not be the worst team in the league, but I'm starting to get a feeling we're in the bottom five (or top five draft pick spots, if you want to put a nice spin on it). Games against Cleveland, KC, and Tennessee should clarify things, but you know it's bad when you think those teams have gotta be looking at us as one of their best chances to get a W.

Yeah, it's early. But we do seem to be reaching that "it's time to write off the season, blow the whole thing up, get rid of Jauron and Edwards (because who could do worse?)" tipping point. Only problem is, blowing things up mid-season isn't much of  an option. The only thing we'd be doing with a coaching change is canning Jauron and putting in an interim caretaker for the rest of the season. I can't see someone like Shanahan (my pick) coming on board this train wreck-in-progress. Firing Jauron might be cathartic, but what is Bobby April going to do to turn things around? And while I think I've pretty much seen enough of Edwards, is Fitzy the QB of the future we need to get a look at?

What's even more frustrating is the fact that if we're officially into blow-things-up rebuilding mode we're already behind the rest of our division. The Pats are currently rebuilding too, though you'd hardly notice with the way they keep winning. They've also got draft picks up the yazoo (including an almost sure-fire #1 overall coming their way from Oakland). The Jets have Jabba as a new coach, with a new attitude, a great offensive line anchored by some young players, and a rookie franchise quarterback who seems like he may be the real deal (hey, everyone can have a bad game). Miami is near the middle of Parcells' plan too, and they just pushed us around. That game was embarrassing. Sure we've had injuries, but they were without their QB and their best defensive player! No excuses.

Arrrrgh. I honestly thought we had a shot at the playoffs this year. Now it's starting to seem like our best hope for NEXT year is a strike.

Sorry, but I just had to vent.

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