2009 is not done YET but in thinking of 2010. Here you go.....

If things keep going as they are for the Bills they will have a new coaching staff and new personnel coming in.  Here are my ideas of who we should hire and what free agents we should pick up and why.

General Manager – Yes a new GM.  Two Choices I see are – Kevin Abrams , Assistant GM with the Giants, he know talent and can keep players here and Ed McGuire, Assistant GM with the Chargers, Ralph would love to stick it to A.J. Smith just once. 

Head Coach - Two Choices – Jon Gruden or Mike Shanahan.  Both of these guys have experience coaching at a high level and they will fire up a team who really needs it.

Offensive Coordinator – This is one that one of the other blogger suggested – Curtis Johnson.  He is presently the Wide Receiver coach in New Orleans but if he has any knowledge of the system that Sean Peyton has set up in the Bayou and the mind of Gruden and Shanahan to tweak it, it can make us explosive.  I also think he would use a zone blocking scheme that would fit the offensive line people we have now.

Defensive Coordinator – I have three choices and they all are off of teams with the idea of pressuring the quarterback instead of bend do not break systems.  Bob Sutton, the Senior Defensive Assistant with the Jets, a Rex Ryan system would help us.  Lou Spanos, Defensive Quality Control with the Steelers, he has to know the zone blitz and how to make our guys work in it.  Ray Rhodes, Senior Defensive Assistant for the Texans, he has always been a good DC and will make the team better.

Next is our Free Agent Moves:

Quarterback – Joey Harrington – I know this sounds scary but he will know the system coming from New Orleans and will play only a few games until our new rookie quarterback is ready to take over.

Wide Receiver – Lance Moore – I know TO is going to go and Hardy will not be ready and Moore also knows the NO system.

Offensive Tackle – Marcus McNeil – He is a stud from San Diego and if he hits the market he is worth the investment for RT or LT

Linebacker – Demeco Ryans – He is a stud and he would be a great addition and finally we have someone to replace Ellison who does not make enough dynamic plays.

In the draft I can see the Bills drafting in the top ten and picking:

1st round- QB, DT, or LB – best player available

2nd round – QB, DE, or LB

3rd round – DT, or LB

4th round – DE – from small school, OL – for depth

5th round, 6th round, 7th round – anything but CB or S

If this were to happen I would have renewed optimism for the Bills and the direction they are heading.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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