Edwrads needs to let it Rip!

OBD for the past few years has given the reigns of this team to TE with out any threat of competetion.  When JP was here he was told that there was a "competition" but everyone knew that this was TE's job to loose.  Then when veteran QB's became available or discussed through the offseason like Cutler, Leftwich, Garcia..... the answer was always that we don't want to deter the development of our young QB.  That was one of the reason for the Fitzpatick signing because he wouldn't be considered a threat for Trent but he would be a guy with a hand full of starts that would help him develop (not sure how that works but....).  And a main reason Hamdan is on the roster is because Trent is comfortable with him.

If you compare his NFL stats with his College stats there are not a big difference.  He has always been an average checkdown QB that completes a high percentage of passes but nothing that intimidates a defense.  For someone to complete 60% of his passes and only avg. 6.5 YPA is rediculous.  I am not sure why someone at OBD thinks those numbers are all of a sudden going change?


Year Team G GS Att Comp Pct Yds YPA Lg TD Int Tkld 20+ 40+ Rate
2007 Buffalo Bills 10 9 269 151 56.1 1630 6.06 70 7 8 12/105 21 4 70.4
2008 Buffalo Bills 14 14 374 245 65.5 2699 7.22 65 11 10 23/143 35 5 85.4
2009 Buffalo Bills 4 4 117 70 59.8 790 6.75 43 5 5 16/95 11 1 76.5
TOTAL   28 27 760 466 61.3 5119 6.74 70 23 23 51/343 67 10 78.7

 PASSING G Att- Cmp- Int Yds TD Lg Pct Avg/P Avg/G Effic                                                                                             2003.........8 170- 77-    9  750    4   36  45.3 4.4    93.8 79.5                                                                                                       2004........ 9 271- 148  11 1718 9  76  54.6  6.3  100.9 100.7

2005...... 11 268- 168  7 1934 17  49 62.7  7.2 175.8 139.0                                                                                          2006........ 7 156- 94- 6    1027  6   48  60.3   6.6 146.7 120.6  


 TOTAL... 35 865- 487- 33 5429 36 76 56.3 6.3 155.1 115.1  (at Stanford)

If you have weapons like LE & TO why would you give them a QB that has a long history of checkdowns and safe passes in his history?  When was the last time you saw a 15 to 20yd. "in" route when it wasn't in the final seconds of a game or not picked off?  It does not seem to be a part of thier playbook and if I as an average fan can see that I'm sure NFL coaches can see that and game plan against it.  The lack of this threat also makes our offense much easier to contain and blitz.   If you don't have do defend the deep middle of the field it allows you to stack the box and/or double both of our wide recievers because the safties can roam free on their side of the field.  The LB's don't have to drop as deep so they can sit on all these short routes and have multiple defenders near the ball carrier, making it next to impossible to break all those tackles.    NE having not seen the Bills, in the first game dropped deep and that is why the screens and dump offs went so well.  Since then teams have learned how to defend us and we have not had an answer.  All of the (few) long balls thrown so far this year have been on go routes down a sideline, nothing in the middle.

A struggling/rebuilding team like the Bills needs a gunslinger type attitude at QB and OC, not someone who "manages" or doesn't want to loose the game but someone that's not affraid to win it.  If they throw an interception downfield trying to make a play they need be able to come right back to that play and do it again.  We are not playoff caliber yet and if you're going to loose I would rather do it 40 -35 and learn something from it then 10 - 7.  This is what made guys like Kelly, Elway, Marino. Manning's *2 so good was because they weren't afraid to throw that high risk pass.  In Kelly's acse It also opened up Thurman for his dump offs and then one on one with a defender when he made so many people look foolish.  Again, like Freedie did in the NE game.

It's not that I don't like TE, but he needs to be given the green light by his OC and HC to let it rip.  His whole career he has been on inferior teams and told go out there and manage the game and don't lose it for us and hopefully the score will be close in the 4th qtr and we can win it.  I'll say it again we are not at that stage as a football team, we can't play not to loose because all that this has gotten us is losses.  Drew and JP were not game managers but I believed they played on teams with grossly inferior talent so they didn't win as much as we all wanted.  Now the pieces are in place but they aren't being used properly.

Hey Mr Jaroun: 

You're going to loose your job at the end of the year so you might as well have some fun and get into some old fashion shoot outs.  It will be amazing how quickly the fan base will turn back in your corner.  It probably will not enough to save your job but it is the only chance of you getting another coaching job in the NFL.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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