IMO, After 4 games, T.O is Making This Team Worse

So after we acquired T.O I probably wasn't the only Buffalo Bill fan jumping up and down. Until now I even had a hard time sleeping the night before going to the Ralph. 


On the contrary T.O has been everything we didn't expect. He is dropping multiple balls, keeping his mouth shut and really not impacting games. I'll be the first to say I realize this is not all his fault and that Trent is more of a part of this teams downfall thus far. Now, before I tell you why I do think T.O is hurting this team I want to say I am and always will be a Big T.O fan. For the reasons Listed below:

1.) The guy  scores T.D's

2.) He pumps up his teammates

3.) He played and incredible superbowl hurt

4.) He is passionate about football

5.) He tells the media how it is


Now, he has gone against everyone of those aspects I have pointed out since joining the Buffalo Bills. For starters, and my biggest problem with him is he is completely silent during games. Have you noticed he sits all by himself with his head down on the end of the bench? You would think during week 1 when we were beating the Patriots, he would be fired up, pumping up his teammates. But no, he sulked on the bench because he wasn't getting any of the catches. One key thing I noticed was after Josh Reeds TD at Miami. A friend of mine that went to the game even said this to me and i agreed. After Josh Reed scored his TD, everyone on the offense came over to congratulate him but T.O just walked off the field. Now I realize he is a "me" type player, but at every other team he was on, he was very emotional on the sidelines. A lot of clips you see of T.O are showing him on the sidelines going nuts.


Bottom line, T.O has shown no emotion during the games and towards his teammates. He is not motivating at all. For being paid the amount of money he is being paid and the years experience he has in this league, the Bills didn't just bring him in to score TD's. They brought him in to show this team how to win, how to get excited, and how to break that 7-9 record. Instead, he has been silent and "goes through the motions," you can see it in his body language. I can tell when the play is going to be a run play, just by looking at T.O, I pointed it out to my buddy last week. If I were an opposing defense I would just watch T.O's body language. This could be another reason the no huddle is potentially killing us- just look at T.O to see if its a run or pass!


Now I really do like T.O as a football player but you can tell he doesn't want to be here and its rubbing off on his teammates. He seems to be positive in his press conferences but i think he is just saying all the right things so he doesn't get in trouble. T.O is playing for next year, hoping to be on a better team. Buffalo was probably the only team to offer him a contract. You know he'd rather be playing for the Cowboys. What's done is done, but in my opinion, T.O has not helped so far. I hope he can really start to impact games and start to show some emotion. But as a Bills fan, he has really made me upset. The way he is acting and conducting himself seems to be more of a mock at this organization.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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