Ugh. That’s how I feel about this football season. Just ugh. I don’t know what’s worse - the way this organization is run, or our nation’s Health Care System. Well, at least I’m not this guy. (If you want the video of it, just Google “Giants fan crying.” It’s got some of those nasty words, which is why I didn’t do the direct link thing.)

Anyway, here’s a few questions and some other stuff too…

Props to MRW for constantly reminding everyone that it’s useless to discuss free agents until the league and player’s association figure out that CBAthing. I couldn’t agree with you more Matt. But that makes me think - will that situation have an affect on coaching vacancies and front office additions too? My guess is yes. I’m assuming some teams will be in a great spot if there’s no cap, and some won’t. Where do the Bills fit in here? If I’m a hot prospect coaching candidate or front office guy and I’m being wooed by Buffalo, how will the CBA affect me here?

Please, please, please - I get it already. Orakpo has big arms and 7 sacks. I get it. I get it. But can we give Maybin just a wee bit of slack? The kid is just a child. Even if he had signed on time (I feel my blood starting to boil thinking of the stupid agent holding him out), he wouldn’t have made much of a difference. In a sense, this pick was almost like the McGahee pick - you knew you weren’t really going to get much out of him this year. Would I like to see him out on the field more? Absolutely. I don’t care what he does, as along as he’s out there. Given where we are now, I imagine we’ll see him more. Can’t imagine a player in need of that first pro off season more than he does.

D-Bell. Next to Maybin, I can’t think of another player who needs more playing time. And now, he’s not going to get it. Early word is that he might be done for the year. I really expected him to start to see the light in the second half of the season. It would have been so good for the organization if he had been able to play until the end. We could’ve seen if he had talent and was worthbuilding around, or if the position needed to be addressed with someone else. Now, it’s still just a question mark.

I’m officially on the “trade Lynch” bandwagon. It’s a no-brainerthat the Bills will be moving in another direction next year with a new coaching staff. Assuming we’re looking at a 2-3 year rebuilding phase, what purpose will Lynch really serve? I think RBsare a dime a dozen. He’s a guy I see as very trade-able, and one who might have some worth. I hope he fires his agent soon, and hires Parker or Rosenhaus.

Speaking of Rosenhaus, what’s the chance he wants Owens cut soon? I have nothing against Owens (other than I don’t think he’s very good anymore), and was in favor of his signing in the spring. But he’s not part of the future here. You know he doesn’t want to be here. I have to imagine there’s a team out there who would like him for a stretch playoff run. Now I know the trade deadline has passed, but that was only between teams. Rosenhaus could promise to throw the Bills a bone in the future if they just let T.O. go right now. Just saying…

Am I the only one disgusted at Bud Adams? Now, I’m all for the middle finger; I use mine often, especially when driving. But, I’m not a public figure. I’m not receiving corporate welfare. I know he got fined a whopping 250 grr, but I still think it’s not enough. It’s not like he was being booed. And where was his right hand man? Every rich guy has one, right? Even Smithers would’ve told Mr. Burns to settle down…

I don’t care who you are - you almost have to feel kind of sorry for Trent Edwards. It makes me wonder if Jessica Simpson screwed up and put the curse on him and not Romo. One thing I will fault him on - what QB doesn’t know how to throw a slant? How did he get this far not throwing that pass well? I don’t get it.

What’s the over/under on how long it’ll be for Jauron to find another job when Ralph does the inevitable? I’ll say…not long. Guarantee he ends up somewhere as a consultant or assistant pretty quick. Also, I really hope no one is pushing Wilson to find “just cause” when firing Jauron just so he can escape paying him on the remaining contract years. That would be bush if you ask me. Jauronmay not have been a winner here, but he surely represented the team and the city with class. I’ll bet everything I own you never see D.J. doing an “Adams.”

If we’re going to get a new “football” guy to run the front office, and a new head coach, can we get new uniforms too? It’s not like these ones have been successful.

Over/under on season tickets for next season. This year was right around 54, right? My guess is they lose anywhere from ten to fifteen thousand. While I’m speaking of fans here, do you guys agree/disagree with what is supposed to happen in Cleveland tonite (fans in lower bowl boycotting start of the game)? I’ll admit, I’m wishy-washy on it.

How come I don’t hear any talk of a new stadium? I think the long term viability of the franchise depends on one. Throw it downtown where it belongs, near the waterfront. Make it multi-purpose. Build a shopping mall nearby (the Canadians will love that). Name the whole God damn water front after Ralph, with the premise in his will stipulating the team stays here no matter what. Seriously, the state almost gave Bass Pro 66 million. Who the hell is Bass Pro compared to NFL football?

Youboty’s done for three to six weeks, right? Was Sunday the last I saw of him in a Bills uni? My gut tells me so.

If there was more of a reason to let Hamdan go than that stupid video of him watching Wilson make a fake, long shot into a basketball hoop on the team’s site, then let me know. I can’t believe I wasted two minutes of my life watching that. Shouldn’t that dude have better things to do during the week? In my next life, I want that job.

Note to Byrd - stop with the “bird” dance after each INT. Your team is 3 - 6. You’re just putting a target on your back now. Save the dance for when your team is good. If you want to keep that dance, then add the “highway grounds crew flag waiver” dance to your routine every time you fill the wrong gap and a RB flies by you.

When the schedule came out, I was happy the Jets game was in Toronto. I absolutely can’t stand their fans at the Ralph. Then, reason settled in, and I was mad because it was yet another home division game shipped out. Guess where I sit now?

Some guys I want to pay attention to for the rest of the year, if they make it on the field:

Meredith, Johnson, Hardy, Nelson, Palmer, Harris, and of course, Maybin. Wood and Levitrewill be watched too, but I think they’re both safe no matter who comes in next.

Brian’s got a great group running that college scouting group. Can you guys start to pump out more than one column a week? I know that’s a lot to ask, especially coming from a guy whose only contribution to the site was interviewing a guy who wasn’t drafted, but it’d be appreciated. I’m sick of playing with Draft Tek already…

I think Belichick is a db. That’s probably only because I’m jealous he’s not our coach. He caught a lot of flack today for that 4th down call last night. I didn’t think it was such a bad move. At first I thought it was really arrogant, and didn’t say much for his defense. But if they would have converted (and they should have converted), he’d again be looking like the evil genius he is.

I have Chris Johnson on my money FF team. Talk about conflicting feelings watching him yesterday.

Here’s a weird question. Let’s say I’m a young (ha!) and upcoming (haha!) front office type person. Let’s say I do a lot of scouting. I use the teams communication devices (phones/laptops). I keep notebooks and journals in my office on the team’s facility. Then I’m offered a job withanother organization. Where are the lines of proprietary intelligence drawn? Am I allowed to take all of the information I’ve gathered, and bring that with me to another job, or is all of that gathered information property of the team?

I really wish they would have beaten Miami to the punch on Tyler Thigpen. He has some talent. QB talent in the league is low if you ask me. Instead, we keep a 3rd stringer making you tube blooper videos.

Why do some people keep wishing they lose out? I don’t understand that at all. I’m not even talking about being loyal to your team and the like. I’m talking about staying out of the top ten in the draft. No matter what happens with the next CBA, I think (and I could be very wrong here) that next years draft won’t be affected much. Basically, I don’t see a rookie slotting system implemented for the 2010 class. You can rebuild your team without drafting in the top ten. Fiscally speaking, it’s so much safer to do so.

Go Bills.







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