Bills fans, I'm coming for you...(updated with new question)

THE NEW QUESTION IS NUMBER 6 (If you haven't already submitted your advice please do so and if you have please answer my new question, once again thanks guys)

Okay maybe not just yet, but on the 29th I'll be there. I figured I could just ask these questions over at The Phinsider but I figured who would know more about Ralph Wilson Stadium and fans of the Bills then the Buffalo Bills bloggers over here. On the 29th I'll be going to the Ralph to watch my Dolphins take on your Bills, but I have some questions that really need answers so I'll be prepared. Now remember, I come in peace here. I've never started anything here and never want to because I respect you guys so lets keep these answers clean and avoid things like "oh the Bills are going to win, the Dolphins suck!!" or "Your team sucks!!" and the like. I don't think I have to worry. But on to the questions...

  1. A disclaimer for the first guys probably don't but I am a female so I don't know how this will affect the answer to this question or what but that'll be up to you. Question: Is it safe for me to wear Dolphins gear into the stadium? Or will I get beat up (not literally, I hope you know what I mean)?
  2. How bad is the view from the 300 level?
  3. How bad is the wind in the Ralph?
  4. Is the Ralph easy to find where you are going once inside of it?
  5. Are the people generally going to be accepting of me as long as I act like a kind Dolphins fan?
  6. *NEW QUESTION* I plan on taking plenty of pictures from during the game but doubt I will get good ones from where I am sitting, therefore how does moving around in the stadium go? Are ushers going to ask to see my ticket each time I move or could they care less? Also, someone mentioned that towards the end of the game when people start leaving I can move down to closer seats, if there are a lot of open seats can I move down anyway? (Sorry if these questions are dumb, I was going to email the Bills ticket office but I don't know if they are even the right people to email, should I still though?)

Alright so give me what you can as answers and any more tips you have. I really appreciate the help from you guys even though I may be a rival.


P.S. I loved the Jauron firing for you guys:)

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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