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I think Jauron is gone at the end of this year. 7-9, even 8-8, isn't going to change that. He'd have to make the playoffs to keep his job, and we aren't making the playoffs. But he is staying until the end of the year. Even if we go 3-13 we're sticking with him until the end. Hate on him all you want, and he does deserve a lot of blame since he's where the buck stops, but it is what it is.

I think we need a quarterback. It's not all their fault. They aren't getting a lot of protection or time. But Fitzgerald is a back-up who can only be counted on to manage a game in perfect conditions. I understand people saying Edwards has to be given a chance to show if he can realize his potential, but from what we've seen that potential seems to be decreasing. Personally I think between the two of them it's six of one and half-dozen of the other. I don't think Edwards could have got more than ten points against Houston. I do think Fitzgerald would have won the Cleveland game, just because of how bad Edwards played. In any event, if you take concussions seriously then Edwards is already a player who may be on the edge of Trent Green territory, and it's not going to be long before he takes some more dingers. I hope he can build some confidence playing terrible teams like Tennessee and K.C., because if not I really don't want to see him around at all next year.

I still think signing T.O. was a good move. Didn't work out, but that's hindsight. We knew he was going to drop some balls and have . . . issues. At least he hasn't blown up. He seems demoralized now and looking like he's thrown in the towel. Sort of like Randy Moss in Oakland. And yeah he's got 6 million reasons to care, and it's poor sportsmanship, but there's a part of me that actually has some sympathy for the guy. He is a fierce competitor and has shown in SF, Philly and Dallas that he'll lay it all on the line if he thinks there's a reason. But obviously he no longer feels there's any reason.

I think it's too early to label Maybin a bust, agree with last week's post, but . . . damn. Getting something out of our investment in him next year is going to have to be a major priority.

I think we are the worst team in our division. Looks like the Pats are, as expected, the class of the field again. Maybe if New York or Miami really implode we could possibly overtake one of them.

I think, and this is sort of where I'm going with this, we have to be really concerned about the future. Enough talk about us rebuilding (what we've been doing for a while now). Other teams are building for their future, too. And they are ahead of us in the process. New England is not only the class of the field again this year, they are managing to do it while they are rebuilding. And they even picked up a first-rounder from Oakland on the way, which probably will translate into a top-3 pick. We know Brady isn't going anywhere for a while, so overtaking them anytime soon looks like a tall order. The Jets have a strong, young, offensive line, an excellent new coach (in my opinion), and a rookie who may turn out to be their franchise quarterback. Miami is in the middle of re-building under Parcells, and we know that guy knows how to build contenders.

So how are we going to become contenders? Not through the draft! Yes, the draft is important. But it's also a crapshoot. And the draft just isn't going to make us competitive against the teams in our division anytime soon (I mean not just next year, but over the next few years). They all draft too. We are going to have to get active signing veteran free agents that can help us now if we want to win. I think that's where our focus has to be going forward, a lot more than on the draft. 

So how about replacing the draft scouting report this week with a special on next year's free agency class?

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