some thoughts

Bills fans should be cheering for these things:

The Oakland Raiders - They'd probably make a stupid pick, but Oakland is a potential obstacle to a QB or OT in the first round.

Brady Quinn - As bad as the Bills are, the Browns aren't catching them in the standings.  Some more Brady Quinn TD passes puts the Bills that much closer to being able to select the guy who succeeded him at Notre Dame.

The Jets .... to lose - I hate those guys and I think it's funny that they could wind up with another high pick.  They aren't a threat to go after a QB and probably won't take an OT either.  And I like that they might find themselves in cap trouble soon.  I'd love to watch them collapse their way into another big rookie salary.

The Redskins and Seahawks - Another couple teams tied with Buffalo who might be looking QB or OT.

The Chargers and Cowboys to keep on winning - Those teams can keep their mediocre coaches and let Buffalo find a good one.

A new collective bargaining agreement - It's not so much that a capless league is one that Ralph Wilson and Buffalo can't compete in.  I'm more worried about the potential free agent pool and the lack of roster turnover that could follow.  No cap = fewer changes to this roster.

The Buffalo Bills! - I know it hurts where we could pick in the draft, but let's go Bills!

Other thoughts:

Brian Brohm is not playing this season and it's for a variety of reasons.  It takes a 24 year old QB a bit longer than a month of scout team practices to learn a playbook.  Putting him in the lineup is a recipe for him to fail.  It doesn't help Brohm or tell the Bills what they have in him in any way.  Fewell and the Bills are still trying to win games, Brohm is not the way to do that.  The Bills gave him a two year contract for a reason and that is because they wanted to bring him into camp next year and see what happens.  I saw some people post some crazy rationale behind signing Brohm, but couldn't the simplest reason be the most likely?  That reason being the Bills saw an opportunity to get a 24 year old QB, who they recently scouted and probably thought a lot of, for nothing.

And on Brohm, he's a flier.  He's got a good shot to win the 3rd QB job, but I'd consider him a huge longshot to end up climbing any higher than that on the depth chart.  He might have a good future, but that future doesn't come to fruition next year.  Over two preseason's worth of fourth quarter action, Brohm is 58 of 104 for 455 yards (4.4 yards per attempt), zero TDs and four INTs.  He's been sacked nine times, fumbled four times and lost three of those fumbles.  He's been a disaster in the preseason and lost his backup gig to a late rounder and ended up on a practice squad.  He's nowhere near ready to make a contribution to this team.

On the QB vs. OT debate.  I still havn't recieved an answer or reason as to why Buffalo can't do both this offseason.  If Buffalo passes on QB because there aren't any good ones, then that's fine, but I find the logic that the OL isn't good enough to draft a QB to be very flawed.  If the OL isn't good enough to draft a QB, then sign a free agent or two.  Draft somebody in the 2nd round, or trade back up into the first if you have to.  QB sould be Buffalo's top priority and if the situation isn't right for a QB, then fix that quick, because not getting the franchise QB this offseason is just pushing the rebuild back one more season.  This team will never compete without a QB unless they can build a historic defense like Baltimore.

I want to point out how different it is to hire Shanahan as the HC/GM and to hire Shanahan and let him pick some pushover GM to work with.  HC/GM is a terrible idea.  While a HC with all the authority, but a GM to work with isn't my favorite option, it isn't a bad one either.  For me the difference is in the workload of the head coach.  A HC/GM may not have much more authority, but if he has a GM, he doesn't have to organize the scouts, design a system for setting up a draft board and set up the entire structure of the front office.  At the very least we need a GM to manage the front office, even if he isn't the one making any personel decisions.

I'd have no problem grabbing a DT in the first round if it was a BPA situation, but I find it annoying to read mock drafts that say Buffalo needs a DT because the run D stinks.  As if no other position matters in run defense and the crappy LBs and safeties aren't the majority of the problem.  Stroud and Williams are rock solid.  Even with their injuries, Stroud and Williams rank 2nd and 5th amongst DTs in tackles.

How impressive is it that this defense, with all the injuries, TOP issues and terrible offense is 19th in points allowed per game?

Bill Cowher isn't leaving the booth for Buffalo.  Not that he has been a huge topic of discussion, but we should put him on the Gruden list of guys to not bother talking about.  Dungy isn't coming back into the league either, especially for Buffalo.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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