Any relevent feedback would be nice

I was in a Las Vegas casino watching the game, and when Gerard went to the sidelines they showed the game

clock clicking down from 2:07 to 2:06 ... The Jaguars were letting the clock run down to the 2:00 minute warning.

And then I got aggravated. The Jaguars just ran the ball. The Jaguars I believe were inside the Bills 15 yard line.

And I thought, Why didn't the Bills just let the Jaguars score? The Bills would have gotten the ball back with

over 2:00 minutes left with 1 timeout. But with the 2 minute warning it was like having 2 timeouts left. The

score would have been 18 to 15. That would have been enough time to score a touchdown to win or a

field goal to tie. The Jaguars could have tried an onside kick but the odds of getting possession would't have been

that good.

Wasn't Wood hit just below the ankle? I was waiting for another replay but they didn't show one. Both Carson Palmer and Brady were injured on the exact same type of hit. I think it was a cheap shot by the Jaguars. Talk

about a dirty play.

Why does everyone make a big deal out of Cowher? He had 15 years in Pittsburgh and has only 1 ring to show for it. If Jauron had 15 years to waste a City's time, he might have gotten 2 rings. Holmgren didn't do much with

the opportunity he had in Seattle. Gruden is alot better than these 2 choices, and I would put him in the same

league as Dungy. Better than average but Jon Gruden won a ring with Dungy's team but didn't do too well the years

following that. But the owner let alot of veteran players go. Dungy got the Colts over the hump. The years they spent with their teams and they both only have 1 ring. Maybe Belicheck is that good or when the game changed, he

was the only one to figure it out. And Parcells should get a lot more respect in light of these coaches

achievements. Weiss is a mistake waiting to happen. Shanahan might be the best choice. If he knows how

to draft great personnel, I'd go with Shanahan as GM. And if I had my choice of coach, I'd go with Haslett. To me

he's another Lindey Ruff. A coach with a B team and coaching them to play as an A team. I'd like Cottrell as a

defensive coordinator. Was he that good? Maybe not. It seems the defensive in San Diego improved after

he was fired.

The Bills should go after a free agent like when New Orleans got Drew Brees. I'm still upset about the Bills not

getting Kurt Warner when he was with the NY Giants, before he went to Arizona. Are there any teams having quarterback controversies other than Arizona? Well, that's for the new GM to decide.

If I had my choice, Would I rather have "a greatest show on earth" offense and an Ok defense, meaning winning games 45-30 and 33-31, and winning a couple of Super Bowls, or a Baltimore Ravens defense and a medicore

offense, and winning games 9-6 and 10-3, and winning a Super Bowl? When I'm sitting in a Las Vegas Casino

and buying $1 bud lights and $1 hot dogs, I'd rather win with "a greatest show on earth" offense. It's a hell of alot

more entertaining to watch. Hire Shanahan, resign TO and get a quarterback. Maybe Martz would be willing to OC

for Shanahan?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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