This is what should be doned in 2010

Well I have finished watching Buffalo grab defeat from the jaws of victory against the Pats and it is time to look to 2010.

First we need a GM and picking from the tree of Polian or AJ Smith would work.  Just get someone in here with Good Football Knowledge. 

Second we need a new coaching staff.  Head Coach we need experience.  I doubt Shanahan is coming here so who is left is someone who is going to be let go at the end of the year.   Two come to mind - John Fox and Wade Phillips.

Of these two, John Fox is my choice.  He is a winner.  He can get player to raise their level of play. 

My OC, there is three choices - Charlie Weis, Mike Martz, and Curtis Johnson

Currently , Weis and Martz are available.  Curtis Johnson is the WR coach for the Saints and if he can bring any of the knowledge of the offense he is working in to Orchard Park that would be awesome.

My DC I would leave up to HC Fox to work out.

keep Bobby April as Special Teams Coach.

The next step is the draft

My idea is simple and that is do not draft a QB in the first round or draft projects they all need to contribute now.

My choices would be OT or DT.

The new coach is 4-3 guy which means that a new DT would work - McCoy -Oklahoma.

Second round (if we have Martz or Weis) would be a QB either McCoy or Tebow.  or a LB or OT or DT.

Third round should be either QB, LB, DT, or OT - Best Player Available

Also in the third round I would trade my third round in 2011 and my fifth round this year with the Patroits to trade back in to the third round to get Jordon Shipley.  This guy is a WR from Texas who reminds me alot of Wes Welker and all he does is catches balls underneath the defense and gets huge yards after the catch.  He also returns punts - bye bye Roscoe.  He would be an instant starter.  Bye Bye Reed.

Fourth Round - if we have not taken a QB yet a guy named Dan LeFevour from Central Michigan would be a nice pick up. or BPA.

Who would not be here in 2010

Reed, Parrish, Edwards, OL Scott, Witner, Denney, Ellis, Ellison, Lindell - maybe

There would be so much turnover on the OL I do not know who would be here. Defense same thing.

These are my thoughts.  Ridicule all you want.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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