The Rebuilidng Should Start with the Defense

I know we need to first get a solid FO and HC and then assemble a coaching staff and that part of it is the most important thing to creating a winning team but i will assume for this post all that has been completed and we are now looking at the roster moves needed to create more wins and less losses.

The Bills are a team that has three very glaring problems and that is the Quarterback Position, Run Defense and the Offensive Line. The Run defense IMO can be addressed through the Draft with the Bills most likely to pick 8th they can pick the best MLB or a DT depending on who is available. I think they could also get a steal in Carlos Dunlap in the second round much like Rey Maualuga who slid last year. So with  two new rookies on board with size up front the Bills would be much stronger at the point of attack. They can continue to fortify the defense with FA'sby signing Tank Johnson to help inside if we miss out on McCoy which is a real possibility but we wont miss out on McClain so we could end up with a new DT, DE, and MLB and that could make all the difference in the run game. This is how third and longs are created and then Maybin and Scobel if still playing can rush the passer.

The Oline can be addressed  thru FA and i think that a serviceable tackle can be signed someone like Nick Kazcur from the Patriots looks like he will lose his starting position to Sebastian Vollmer  and he could come play LT for us with Brad Butler coming back and Richie Incognito filling in unitl Wood recovers. Other options at LT are Levi Jones, Chad Clifton, Mark Taucher or maybe Tra Thomas becomes available he is Jaguar now but doesn't start. But  I prefer to sign a veteran as opposed to drafting a rookie and having to wait till he gets up to speed in the NFL

LT Nick Kazcur

LG Andy Levitre

C Geoff Hangartner

RG Richie Incognito

RT Brad Butler

Depth - Eric Wood G/C, Jonathon Scott T

The most important part of this quick turnaround is to find a QB that can come in and be a leader on a team that lacks true veteran leadership. There are some FA's that are significantr isks but also come with a possibility of great reward. Chad Pennington is a player like that IMO he is very familiar with the AFC East and can come to Buffalo and create a winner with his careful approach to playing the game. By limiting turnovers leaning on the running game and giving the OLine time to come together we could have a decent Offense but for the most part we would have to take advantage of turnovers and get off the field quickly on Defense in order to give our offense the possessions to get into a rhythm and Pennington offers that kind of player who can lead a team to victory in close games and that is my recipe for turning the BiIls into a winner.  I know i have advocated for drafting Bradford but i don't think we will get him in the draft. I wanna fix our run defense because there is nothing worse than getting gashed on Sundays for big yardage on first and second downs So our draft should concentrate on the front seven on defense and even a FA signing there too could help alot we have good Special Teams and a good deep secondary we have good RB's and our receivers could come around with a better QB and a more consistent OLine.

I wanna draft Defense early in the Draft and sign veterans at the LT and QB position and that could get us into the playoffs because the AFC East is more wide open then I previously believed the Pats are beatable and the Dolphins and the Jets have young QB's so lets get ahead of those teams by playing with vets at key positions.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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