Evaluating a Beating, Logically

So, I watched the Bills game twice today.  Why?  Because evidently I am a glutton for punishment, and because I love watching young QB's play football and try and guess whether they will become studs like Jim Kelly, or horrible Todd Collins and JP Losman.  I feel like Brohm played a very good game based on his situation.  Let's disect.


1)  He possibly could have been playing behind the worst offensive line in the history of football. 

        Can any Bills fan honestly say that Jimmy Clausen, Sam Bradford, Ryan Mallet or Tony Pike would look better than Brohm did today based off of pass protection?  Can any Bills fan say Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, or Chad Henne would have looked better than Brohm?  I don't think so, and they are all 2nd year QB's just like him.  The deep ball to TO could have been a better throw, but every QB misses that pass every now and then.  It happens when you go deep. 

2)  Brohm's arm strength showed, as did his poise.

        I'm not going to say he has the strongest arm in history, but it was pretty evident that he has an NFL caliber arm.  Unless I have been brain washed because of watching Fitz and Captain Checkdown throw floaters all over the field, he passes had some zip, and he definitely threw some passes that I don't think AVP would have tried with the other 2 QB's.  Also, for a 2nd year guy, he threw a couple of good passes with defenders right in his face.  Not that they were 15 yard posts, but he still was accurate to the backs when the blitz was finishing his 3 step drop for him.  He has not played a down in an regular season NFL game until this afternoon. 

I will not lie when I say I like Brohm as a QB.  Did at Louisville, and wanted the Bills to draft him in 08.  But I will also say that I felt going into the off season was all about drafting a QB in the first round, and signing a left tackle.  I think after the game today, we don't draft a QB.  We go with Brohm, and probably Fitzpatrick as a backup or 3rd QB depending if we sign a solid veteran that can teach Brohm.  Then we draft a LT in the 1st round hopefully, or a DT.  After that, we could probably draft lineman with every single pick they way they get injured in Buffalo.  I say let TO go, maybe bring in a guy like Kevin Walter from Houston who I believe is a free agent, and resign Josh Reed.  If we build a good run blocking line, we can win with a strong D and a solid offense as Brohm develops. 

Building a strong defense is going to take a little work, but I don't think a ton.  We need another good DT.  That's obvious.  We need a playmaker at LB.  Doesnt' matter if it is inside or outside, but we need a playmaker, and it will help make the others better.  Poz and Mitchell would look amazing if Ray Lewis was the MLB as an example.  I'm not sure of FA's available at the position, but there has to be an upgrade for next year.  The top of the wishlist would be Karlos Dansby for ARZ.  Ralph should open the pocketbook for him, no matter the price.  I truly believe our secondary is solid, when they are not all injured.  McKelvin, McGee, D-Flo make a very solid top 3.  This helps to hide guys like Reggie "I shouldn't be a" Corner.  And the safety positions seem to constantly make plays, but need to eliminate mistakes, which should happen with maturity.

The strong run blocking O-line should be, Butler, Cogs, Levitre, Wood, if Wood can still play at a high level.  Then we either draft a LT, or try and sign someone who can play well, not an overrated piece of garbage like Langston WalkerChad Clifton comes to mind.  Wood and Cogs would be nasty at the guard spot, both are obviously tough guys.  Levitre I feel could be a great center, seems like he is a smart technical player.  Kinda like Kent Hull, but that would be unfair to compare right now.  Butler can play RT, if he stays healthy.  If he doesn't, we should keep Bell and Merideth as the backups, and obviously Hangarter should be the swing guy for the middle. 

That's the model that I see for the team, and it's a lot of info in one post.  But I don't know that this model works if we start from scratch with another QB.  I feel like it would be a wasted pick.  I feel Brohm deserves a chance, I hope he gets it.

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