Strength of schedule, it's pretty important come draft day

Here are the things to keep an eye on this sunday for those who want to follow the Bills draft spot all day instead of just waiting until next monday and checking it out after the dust settles.

These teams are all a lock to pick ahead of Buffalo (I didn't bother to check the SOS for these teams, so no clue what order they will pick in outside their records):

St. Louis - 1-14
Detroit - 2-13
Kansas City - 3-12
Tampa Bay - 3-12

There are two four win teams (Cleveland and Washington).  Buffalo needs a lot of help to pick in front of them and I'll ignore them for now, cause I doubt they win on Sunday.  There are a few other five win teams that will be the focus of this post. Seatlle, Oakland and maybe Chicago who is currently beating Minnesota as I type this up.  Chicago also plays Detroit next week, so I feel pretty safe assuming they get a win and draft behind the Bills if the Brohm led team doesn't win on Sunday.  On a positive note, just like last year, a win in week 17 probably won't cause the Bills to drop more than a couple picks in the draft.

For Buffalo to pick ahead of Seattle:

They could make it easy and beat Tennessee at home sunday.  I did strength of schedule by adding up all the wins that each teams opponents had and didn't bother doing the division to get a percentage.  Working with a whole number and then adding opponent wins as they happen is the easiest way to follow along.  Buffalo currently has 124 opponent wins and Seatlle, who played both Minnesota and Chicago will have the exact same number of opponents wins after tonight's game.  So whichever team has more opponents win this sunday will get the tiebreaker.

The Bills and Seahawks both play a common opponent on Sunday and do it because both of their divisions play(ed) the AFC South.  So the outcomes for those teams don't mean anything ... except for the Texans who play the Jets.  And that brings us to the quickest way for Buffalo to get the advantage and it's an easy one for Bills fans to get behind.  Cheer against the division!  Since Buffalo played those teams twice, they count double against the SOS.  Here are the non-common opponents that played both Buffalo and Seatlle, who they play this upcoming weekend and who we want to win bolded. So the teams that have played Seattle are bold and the teams that Buffalo played are not bolded:

San Fran @ St. Louis - automatic 2 out of four additional wins
Arizona vs Green Bay - Seattle played both, so it's an automatic 1 win, hopefully two if AZ wins
Chicago @ Detroit - automatic one win and one loss
Minnesota vs. NYG
Dallas vs. Philly

New England @ Houston - automatic one win and one loss, with one loss available if Houston wins
NYJ vs. Cincinnati
Miami vs. Pittsburgh
New Orleans @ Carolina - automatic one win and one loss
Kansas City @ Denver

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - Both teams played Tampa, but there's one w/l up for grabs for Buffalo depending on Atlanta
Cleveland vs. Jacksonville - both teams played Jax

So Seattle already has 4 wins and 4 losses added to their SOS regardless of some outcomes.  They've got another three possible wins.  Since Buffalo is looking to add losses while Seattle gains wins, we need to cheer for common opponents playing uncommon ones which looks like a draw as both Atlanta and Jacksonville should be big favorites.  Counting the games with opponents common to Seattle, Buffalo has four possible wins and four possible losses, but could also have as many as 8 additional losses in their direction.  Feel free to speculate on whether or not our division rivals can win and whether or not Buffalo can end up with an easier SOS than Seattle.

To pick before Oakland:

The Raiders have 125 wins so far and play against the Ravens on sunday.  Non-common opponents and who they play on Sunday:

San Diego vs. Washington - Oak played both teams, so one win and one loss is settled
Kansas City @ Denver - automatic two wins and two losses
NYG @ Minnesota
Philadelphia @ Dallas - played both teams

Similiar list as before for the Bills:
New England @ Houston
Miami vs. Pittsburgh
New Orleans @ Carolina - automatic one win and one loss
Atlanta @ Tampa - another win and loss
Tennessee @ Seattle - One more reason to cheer on Seattle

Cleveland vs. Jacksonville - both played the Browns, Buffalo played Jax, go Cleveland
Cincinnati @ NYJ - both teams played the Jets and Oakland also played Cincy.  So the games a wash for Oakland, while it counts double for Buffalo.

So, Oakland already has five wins and five losses coming this weekend.  The only games that can change their SOS are a likely San Diego win, a tough to predict NY vs. Minny game and a likely Cleveland loss.  Due to their divisional games, Buffalo's final SOS is much more difficult to predict.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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