My post-vacation mind dump

First of all, looking for information when you are traveling has got to be one of the biggest pains in the world.  No wonder these new phones keep coming out with internet and information at your fingertips.  I went to NYC for 3 days and here's my thoughts on what's gone on since.


I read about Marshawn Lynch here before I left and then continued looking for a verification story.  I was surprised to read about it in a cab (they have little TVs in some of them now) because I assumed I didn't see confirmation before I left then it was not going to be a story.  It sucks to be me.... (Did I mention I saw Avenue Q?)  Marshawn recieved no disclosed punishment from the league for his hit and run on Chippewa last year, largely based on the fact that it was probably only partly his fault and partly the drunk chick's fault.  We can all assume that Goodell probably told him to straighten up and fly right., though, so this will be seen as a not-so-good development.  You can expect Lynch to be suspended but not for 8 games.  Only two players have ever been suspended that long for non-football related offenses, Pacman and Chris Henry.  Henry was arrested four times in three states in two years before his 8-gamer.  Pacman.... well Pacman was arrested in two states and already had a laundry list behind him when he got his full season yaken away.  With that being said I expect a 1-4 game suspension for the first few games of the season.  We don't know the conversation Goodell and Lynch had last summer but you can be sure that the NFL will not take this lightly.  Gun charges are the worst kind of publicity and now news comes that marijuna was involved.  If I have to choose a number I am probably going 4 games as opposed to 1 on this.

Personnel moves

I am surprised with New Orleans cutting Deuce.  Both Reggie and Deuce couldn't stay healthy and I understand the need to get cap money to go after someone who can.  The other cuts and signings make sense. 

The Ravens aren't letting Suggs go, the Cardinals tabbed Dansby their franchise player, and the Panthers are close to re-signing Jordan Gross (and potentially franchising Peppers).  You can pretty much cross all those guys off the list. 

TJ H from the Bengals is not the answer for us.  Dre Bly is out in my book and Chris McAlister is very intriguing as our new free safety...  Also don't look for the Bills to sign one of the newly free running backs until closer to the season when Lynch's fate has been decided.  If he is missing some time epect the Bills to sign Taylor or someone late for cheap.

Quick hits

Great, great articles on the salary cap and free agency, Brian. Also great non-speculation on Lynch's arrest.  You ran with it when it was officially reported.  I missed this site and couldn't read lips on bar TVs every time Lynch came on screen.  I think all bars should use subtitles.  And if you're going to fly anywhere they go, take Jet Blue.  They get direct TV, they have $50 flights and good snacks, good leg room (I'm 6'3" after all), and their new terminal at JFK is nice.


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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