Here’s a few questions and some thoughts.

Here’s a few questions and some thoughts.

So, what’s the over/under on a Coles signing? Is he scheduled to go somewhere else for a visit? My thought on Coles is that he’d be a nice addition for the right price. Also, I’d want Roscoe and his contract out of here to accommodate a Coles signing.

I know the first stage of FA isn’t over yet, but I’m kind of surprised how many guys are still out there. I’m sure a bunch of these guys get inked pretty soon, but after that, I think we’ll see a lull. That lull is where I expect to see some more additions, and hopefully, a bargain or two.

I’m so sick of the Patriots. Do they have a “draft pick tree?” Four picks in the top 53, 19 million freed up in cap space, and the Brady monster allegedly back to health, given the Cassell trade. Ugh.

One more Pat note/question - was it McGee or Greer who Belicheat singled out in the past as a good player? I know he heaped some praise on a Buffalo DB’er in the past; I just can’t remember who it was.

Was/is Jason Brown greedy or dumb? Dude got his money, that’s for sure. But there was talk he didn’t want to play there (Rams). I only bring this up because it affects Buffalo. With Brown off of the market, is it a no-brainer that Birk goes back to Minnesota? Right now, I’d say so. But you never know…

What happened to Housh? How is there not a market for him? And while I’m talking about a Cincy WR, I may as well reference another one. How come there has been nary a word from the Ocho Stinko camp as of late? I’m surprised Johnson didn’t shoot his mouth off or do something stupid to facilitate a way out of Cincy as FA hit. If you would have asked me last week, I would have bet that Cincy would hang on to Housh, and trade Johnson. That’s just me though…

Wonder what Lynch is doing these days? My guess is that he’s drinking a lot of water. No doubt in my mind he’ll get tested for the weed, and as a bettor, my money is on a result that comes up positive. What’s that suspension worth?

This brings me up to Taylor. Why did Buffalo bring him in again? Is it too much to assume Roger called Brandon and said something like “Hey. You might want to get yourself another RB. Not too happy with what your kid as done lately.” I know Buffalo also brought in Kevin Jones, but I really didn’t hear much about that visit. Is it fair to say that if Buffalo goes after another RB, they fear a lengthy suspension for Lynch?

I didn’t hear much of Eugene Parker’s name in this latest round of FA. Did he have any significant clients? Doesn’t really matter. If Buffalo gave his client an offer at the end of the season, and he hasn’t responded yet, isn’t that sort of irresponsible? I know - his only job is to make his client money, and that really is all the players care about. Am I naïve enough to still believe a player would also want his team to be better, and playing these contract games is affecting the ability of the organization to make that team better? Can I say that I hate agents again? They do nothing right for the game….

I’m sticking with this call until I see fit to change it. Derek Fine will be the starting TE, and he will do well.

What the hell is going on in Zona? The NFL is a QB league. Would Fitz and Boldin really do that well with Leinhart instead of Warner? I think no way. Guess this is the ole “chicken and egg” question. My question - where does Warner end up?

As far as the Dockery/trade thing goes, I’m holding off on my judgment as of now. At this moment, I’m pinning the blame on Dockery, his agent, and the NFL office. If it comes out that Buffalo blew the chance at getting something for nothing, I’ll be pissed.

When do we start to hear that guys are in town working out and getting ready for 2009? For the rooks from last year, I think it’s imperative to do so as soon as possible. As far as the vets go, it’s the kind of thing that gets you a “C” on your jersey.

Am I an arrogant Bills fan to think that just because the Jets landed Scott, Sheppard, and possibly Leonhard, they still won’t have a great D?

I still can’t believe that we don’t have numbers on Chambers and Hangartner. My guess? Chambers got eight for three years. Hangartner twenty for five years. Keep in mind - those are just a guess, but I think I’m close.

Players I’m kind of interested in (please tell me if I’m stupid):

Freddy Keiaho LB

Michael Jenkins WR

Leonard Weaver  FB

Sean Jones S

Jermaine Phillips FS

Jake Grove C

Jeremy Newberry  C

LaMont Jordan RB

Cato June LB

C.C. Brown SS

Napoleon Harris  LB

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