Mike Florio Takes a Shot at the Bills

Normally, I hate quoting large portions of articles in my fanposts.  This is an exception.  Mike Florio, the Editor for NFL rumor mill, took a blatant cheap (and unfunny in my opinion) shot at the Bills.  Before you start saying "It's not a big deal" or I "shouldn't get irritated by dumb stuff like this" let me explain.  The Bills for years have been irrelevant on the national stage.  Now, we make one high-profile signing and it's fair game on the Bills.  I get that.  With greater exposure comes greater scrutiny.  I'll let you read the article and see what you think.

Has Pacman Finally Grown Up?

We're skeptical about this one, because it reminds us a lot of the stuff Brandon Marshall was saying in Hawaii last month, only a few weeks before his fourth arrest in less than three years.

But our pal Jay Glazer of seems to be of the opinion that cornerback Pacman Jones, who has been at the center of controversy from Morgantown to Nashville to Atlanta to Vegas to Dallas, might be turning the corner.

Glazer recently conducted an "exclusive interview" (i.e., no one else cares to talk to the guy anymore) with Jones, and Glazer emerged with a far different view of the sixth overall pick in the 2005 draft.

"I got a little girl," Pacman said.  "I'm engaged now, so I have other things that interest me other than going to [scrip] clubs, hanging out with 20 guys 'til four or five o'clock in the morning.  I want to play football and you can't do those types of things with my lifestyle and all the controversy I've had."

Glazer also tells the rest of the story as to the fight that Jones started during the recent taping of Spike TV's Pros v. Joes, which Glazer co-hosts. 

"I asked him to play it up, pump up some trash talk with our Joes for some great TV," Glazer writes.  "He was fantastic, a natural with one-liners - the type of comedy you'd pay a two-drink minimum for in a comedy club."  [Editor's note:  Based on his alleged affinity for a certain type of cigarette, Pacman is a natural for the "Dave's Not Here" routine.] 

"At one point he got into a scuffle with a young man named Dan Adams," Glazer says.  "A nice little football fight.  It was perfect TV.  Folks, this was not Pacman being a knucklehead.  This was Pacman giving us exactly what we were asking for.  Maybe it was that little stint he did in pro wrestling but the kid understands what would makes good TV.  Even after his little tussle, he gave my co-host Michael Strahan and me a little wink as if to say, ‘I promised you guys I'd make it good for you.'"

Jones told Glazer that "a few" teams are interested in the man who was unceremoniously dumped by the Cowboys after a single season that featured a six-game suspension after Jones got into a fight with one of the men owner Jerry Jones was paying to keep Pacman out of trouble. 

But Jones refused to name the teams.

Hey, maybe the Bills will sign him. 

So because the Bills sign one very good wide receiver with a history of excellent play on the field and running his mouth, we also will bring in a guy who has several off-field incidents and didn't play that well on the field in limited action last year?  I didn't realize that running your mouth was an arrestable offense.  Sure we have Marshawn, who also plays great on the field unlike Jones did this year, and he has made some bad decisions off the field but all of Marshawn's stuff doesn't add up to one of Pacman's escapades. 

I really like PFT's rumor mill and I read it at least twice a day during this time of year seeing if the Bills are talking to any new players or close to a free agent deal.  His cheap shots like this have always bugged me.  He didn't cross a line with this or insult me or anything but I think his opinion loses weight with me every time I see him go after somebody.  He went after Losman a while back and while none of us may be too upset about it the fact is that this guy routinely takes cheap shots.

I'll continue to go to PFT for my rumor mill but Mike, seriously, leave the funny stuff to Leno.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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