Post Combine and F/A Mock Draft

Although F/A signings are not over with, I doubt the Bills will sign anyone else who will significantly change their draft plans.  The only exception would be Waters, who would make taking a G/C in round two less probable because he would fill a hole at Guard and most likely take some draft picks to pull off the trade.  That said, I doubt it happens, sooooooo......


1st (11)  –  DE, Aaron Maybin, Penn St – I am betting he is the next Jason Taylor.   Has the most upside of any of the DEs.  Will he make an impact his year, maybe not, but lets face it…we are not going to the playoffs this year anyway.  We have time to let him grow.

2nd (42) –   Center/Guard, Mack, Wood, or Unger in that order.  I am not sure if we will have first pick or have to take who is left.  Start him at guard and move him to center if Hangartner doesn’t work out this year.

3rd (75) -   TE, Shawn Nelson – Is the vertical threat TE we should be looking to add.  Has good speed, gets good separation, and has great hands.  Might not last until round 3.  If not, Travis Beckum should be there and I will be just as happy.

4th (107) -  DT, Alex Magee – Purdue – At 295lbs, he is not the wide body I would like to see in the middle, but his is exceptionally quick and has the frame to put on a few pounds in a NFL lifting program.  A great value in the 4th round.

5th (  ) -    ILB, Jasper Brinkley, South Carolina –  Time to put Poz on notice....step up or step to the outside.  This guy is a poor man's Ray Maualuga.  “At the combine, Brinkley showed flashes of the explosiveness he'd had before a torn ACL ruined his 2007 season. If healthy, he could surprise as a late-round gamble for a team needing an interior run-stuffer”- Rob Rang,

6th (  ) - FB, Quinn Johnson, LSU – A converted linebacker, he will not be afraid to blow people out of the hole. Tony Fiammetta could get the “local boy” nod and it wouldn’t bother me at all.

7th (  ) - QB, Brian Hoyer, Michigan State – I was hoping he would go more unnoticed, but he was ranked by ESPN analyst Todd McShay as the fifth best NFL prospect at his position. Hoyer said he's spoken with representatives of about 20 teams.   He has good size,  puts nice zip on the ball, and has good accuracy.  Could he develop into the next Tom Brady?

There it is folks.  What I would like to see happen in April as of March.  Dig in and get your hands dirty!!!

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