"We've got to score more points" -DJ

Watching some videos of DJ, he's very adiment about improving our offense, or so he says. Now, I don't know if DJ is the sly type, but it doesn't seem that he's the type of guy to pull a Kansas City Shuffle on the media to mislead other teams. But in 2006 the Bills worked out Haloti Ngata and drafted Donte Whitner, catching everybody in the world offguard.


Soooooo.... trying to anticipate a player or even a position that the Bills might take becomes a crapshoot. So we have to parcel it. But it is safe to say most people have (more like want) the Bills taking defense in the 1st round, particularly DE. So the opinions vary from Maybin to Brown to Orakpo.


Sooooo.... my question to the community is.... if you were going to improve Buffalo's offense as much as possible with the 11th pick in the draft, which player are you going for?


We'll eliminate some particluar players because they simply won't be realistically available: Jason Smith, Andre Smith, Michael Crabtree, Eugene Monroe, and maybe even Micahel Oher.


Sooooo..... after thinking about what we have and what's out there: the Bills are pretty crowded at tackle and there are no interior linemen worthy of a top 15 pick. The Bills are also too crowded at RB to draft one this high. Trent Edwards is not untouchable but Stafford ain't fallin to us and Mark Sanchez is quite possibly the most overrated QB prospect since Alex Smith. So, if Buffalo wants to improve their offense these are the guys they should be looking at.

Percy Harvin - easily the most dynamic athlete in the draft with the ball in his hands, he also has the best game-speed and quickness in this draft, bar none. Darius Heyward-Bey may have run the best at the combine, but I've watched him play and he just isn't a 4.3 guy with pads on. Harvin was a true game-breaker and the Gators weren't the same without him in the lineup... which is the only concern with him, he has been banged up with nagging injuries.

Brandon Pettigrew - Bills fans want a TE in the worst way, but they immediately dismiss Pettigrew from being a priority because they want a DE more. Well, I wasn't too impressed with Pettigrew until I saw some "tape" (videos from youtube, fan sites, game archives... yadda yadda) on him. I think he's an underrated athlete and actually gets off the LOS as quick as anyone else. He makes catches with A LOT of contact and his blocking skills are 2nd to none in the draft. All of that said, 11 may still be a little high for him, but he defintiely gets a 1st round grade from me. However, he may still last to the 2nd round where I could see Buffalo moving up a few spots for him.

Jeremy Maclin - A lot of people seem to be very high on Mr. Maclin. I like him, but I don't see a complete receiver in him. His value seems to be inflated by his return abilities and the system he played in along with the competition he faced. He may develop eventually but I think he'll have a pretty big learning curve much like Tedd Ginn Jr. did. Maclin, though, is very fast on the football field... so his 4.46 in the dash shouldn't be a considered a disappointment.

Darrius Heyward-Bey - I'm not very serious about him, but he flew up some draft boards after the combine because he ran the best time. But as I mentioned above, his football speed is a bit slower than Harvin and Maclin and he is a step below them skill-wise as well. But, he has very good size and maybe the most upside.


If I had to take one of these guys I would vote for Percy Harvin because if you can get the ball into his hands he could have an impact as a rookie. He showed fearlessness going over the middle in college (in the SEC, no less, NFL Jr.) and was also excellent in the vertical game. But he's just one of those players that if you get him the ball on a bubble screen it's an automatic first down and maybe even a TD. Maclin is a similar

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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