Thinking outside the box, re: Jason Peters


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With Tim Graham's most recent blog post highlighting the quandary Buffalo finds itself in, I thought it would be a good idea to throw out ideas that could help the Bills salvage this situation.  I want to make this clear: I am not advocating for these certain things to happen, nor am I saying that they are likely.  Approach this more as a "think tank."  Somewhere to throw out and discuss creative ways to get Buffalo out of this mess.

1.  Creative Idea Number 1:  A three-way trade involving Julius Peppers

It appears that one of the biggest sticking points with respect to trading Peters to another team is that most other teams are skeptical about dealing multiple high picks to Buffalo for a player they know wants to be the highest paid left tackle in football and has questionable motivation/desire.  So, in attempting to solve this problem, why not try to lessen the other team's burden:

Proposal A:  A three-way trade, involving Jason Peters, Julius Peppers and a third team.  Peppers would go to Buffalo, Peters to Team X and a first round pick to Carolina.  Buffalo could also swap thirds with Carolina to sweeten the pot (75th for 93rd, under 100 point difference). 

Why Buffalo would do it:

-  They'd get a Pro-Bowl caliber DE and the defensive play-maker they desire
-  They would keep the #11 pick so that they can use it on Peters replacement.
-  They would still have their second and third round picks for other needs (e.g. LB and TE)

Why Carolina would do it:

- They would not have to keep Peppers on the books in '09 for $16.5 million, the cost of his one-year tender.
- They would get a first round pick, something they are currently lacking (Carolina's first pick doesn't come until late in the second round - the 59th overall pick)
- In addition to getting a first round pick, they would get to move up in the third, helping get a deal done that might not otherwise work (i.e. Carolina may be unwilling to move Peppers for only a first round pick, but add into a swap to move up and it may be enough to get it done).

Why the other team would do it:

- They'd get a Pro Bowl left tackle for a first round pick
- They wouldn't have to give up multiple picks


2.  Creative Idea Number 2:  Making one final revocable offer

Buffalo puts a new "offer" on the table sometime within the next week with the understanding that (a) this is the final offer of the off-season - there will be no other offer from the club until at least the conclusion of the '09-'10 season; (b) that the offer has an expiration date, 48 hours before the start of the draft; (c) that if Peters refuses the offer and Buffalo can not get the right trade, he will be playing (or sitting out - his choice) the 2009 season under his current deal.

This would do a few things for the club:

- It gives Peters one last chance to pull his head out of his a*s (however, unlikely)
- It gives Peters clear options and a deadline to make a decision
- It gives Buffalo one last opportunity to get a deal done
- It gives Buffalo a "plan" and an outline to execute it. They will know, one way or another, but the time the offer expires whether they are drafting a LT in this year's draft.


3.  Creative Idea Number 3:  See here


That's all I have right now.  What do you all think?  Anybody have any other ideas about out to change this situation for the better?  Holes/validity in the proposals above?  Lets here it Buffalo fans, help your team figure out a way to deal with Jason Peters.  Think outside the box! 

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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