I must be missing something

Before I get into my argument let me add that its entirely possible that I've missed something as its been over 4 years since I last lived in Buffalo and am not in on the day-to-day as much as many of you.


I loved brinigng in Terrell Owens, it was a clear signal that the team wanted to win and win now.  Surely the move was egged on by an embattled Dick Jauron who knows he has to win this season or hit the road, and I'm sure even the guys in the front office are starting to get desperate.  Bottom line, it was good, it was a sign that these guys realize the stakes.  Too often I think guys focus on the long road year after year after year when there are bold moves to be made to win now that are right in front of them.  This was one of those bold moves.  Whether it works out or not in the long run, it makes our team better next year.

What I don't understand is what the hell we are doing with our offensive line.  If we want to win now, this is not going to get it done.  From what I can figure this is what our line looks like right now:


LT- Peters (????), Demitreus Bell

LG- Brad Butler/Chambers, McKinney

C- Handgartener

RG- Butler/Chambers



I don't understand getting rid of dockerry for nothing.  Clearly there was interst in the guy as he was scooped up for big money right after we released him. But the insertion of Chambers for Dockery is a horrendous downgrade, on paper, no matter which way you slice it.

I liked bringing in handgartener but really, he's the only upgrade we are looking at on the o-line (need I remind you that this o-line was not very good last year either, esp. in opening up holes for lynch and jackson).

Now, if the Peters situation doesn't get addressed, we have serious, serious issues on our o-line.  If we can't pull of a trade for him, we better be prepared to pay the man.  Why we didn't get something done during the season with him or make any contingency plans for this inevitable hold out is beyond me.

But even if Peters is back, I just don't see it.  I don't see how those guys are going to get it done against a team like New England or Pittsburg.  I don't see how we are going to be able to stop Miami's pass rush etc.

Moreover, by totally failing to make moves to address our o-line, we have a situation now where we have one too many holes to address.  We need a linebacker, a defensive end, and at least one offensive lineman (a guard and a peters replacement).  Right now we only have two picks in the top 2 rounds to address those positions.  So from my perspecitve this team will have at least two glaring holes.


That doesn't seem like a team that is ready to win now.  So back to my original point, was the signing of owens a sign that the team wants to win now?  Or was it a sign that the team wants to put fans in the stands?


I hope we are able to address the o-line and at least linebacker OR defensive end.  If not, I'm convinced bringing in owens is a ploy.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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